Our Review Process

Our goal here at Trading Brokers is to provide you with unbiased information and reliable data based on many years of expertise in the online brokerage industry. We combine this vast amount of first-hand experience that we have using various brokers with in-depth research and analysis along with user feedback. This is all then put together in one thorough yet easy to digest review to ensure that our readers can make an informed decision when choosing a broker that meets their own unique requirements.


We are always looking for ways in which we can continue to improve our broker reviews and make sure that all of the information is kept as accurate and up to date as possible. In order to help ensure the upmost transparency and avoid any potential conflict of interest, here we will outline some of the many factors that we take into consideration when reviewing and rating brokers that we include on the website. This includes but is not limited to the following:

1.      Financial Instruments

Does the broker have a good selection of trading instruments?

Do they cover a range of markets?

2.      Commission

How much commission do they charge?

How does this commission fee compare with the industry standard?

Do they have accounts with different commission structures?

Do they offer lower commission for high volume traders?

Do they provide commission rebates?

3.      Fees

Are there any deposit or withdrawal fees?

Are there any inactivity fees?

Do you need to pay for access to platform, tools and data?

Are there any other hidden fees you need to be aware of?

4.      Spreads

Does the broker have tight spreads?

How do the spreads compare to other brokers?

Do they offer fixed or variable spreads?

5.      Liquidity

What liquidity providers do they use?

Do they have enough liquidity to help avoid excess slippage?

Do they provide liquidity or use a liquidity pool?

6.      Platforms

What trading platforms does the broker offer?

Are the platforms easy to use?

What devices can you use the platforms on?

Do you need to install any special software?

Does the platform have adequate built-in trading tools?

7.      Tools

What additional trading tools are provided?

Do you need to pay extra for these tools?

How useful are these tools?

Do they provide tools for in-depth market analysis?

8.      Education

What educational resources are available?

Are these good enough to educate beginners?

Do they encourage informed trading decisions?

Is there an active community for social trading?

9.      Funding

What deposit and withdrawal options does the broker provide?

How long does funding take?

What are the funding fees?

10.  Accounts

Do they offer different account types for different trader needs?

Do they provide demo trading accounts?

What is the minimum deposit required to open an account?

What extra features does each account include?

11.  Regulation

Is the broker regulated?

How many authorities are they regulated by?

Are these reliable regulators?

How are clients protected?

12.  Support

When is customer support available?

How can you contact customer support?

Do they respond quickly and in a helpful manner?

What is feedback from other users like?

13.  Other

How did we find trading with the broker?

Have they been subject to any actions in the past?

How long have they been in business?

What is the sentiment from other customer testimonials?

Do they keep up to date with the latest technologies and market trends?

Have they reached out to us and what did they share?

Broker Ratings

When it comes to deciding on what rating to give a particular broker, we take into consideration all of the key points mentioned above and more. We will then agree on what we deem to be a fair rating when combining all of the advantages and disadvantages of a broker and how they compare to others. Some factors such as regulation may cause more of an impact on the overall rating compared to other brokers due to the implication that they can have for users. As a rough example, if a broker had 5-star customer service but no regulation, the score could average out around 2.5/5.

How long do our broker reviews take?

This really depends on the broker in question. Some brokers have more information available than others which means that it would generally take longer to carefully research, analyse and present all of our findings. That being said, we go through each and every broker with a fine-tooth comb to make sure we cover all basis according to our unique methodology. On average, a detailed broker review can take anywhere from 1-2 days all the way up to a few weeks. However, the review process never actually ends as we need to continuously edit reviews to make sure that they remain up to date and relevant.

How many people do you have on your team?

We have a close-knit team of 5 writers from all different backgrounds who are located all over the globe. We don’t believe in only having a certain criterion for our writers as we believe that it is important that we can share the experience of real-world traders who know what users would want to look for in a broker. Anyone can summarise a product a service, but only those who have been though the process of finding a broker themselves can present a comprehensive review, comparison and rating. Read more about us.

How often do you update your data?

As often as possible! We are fully aware that brokers are constantly changing their products and services to keep up to date with market trends, technologies and regulations. For that reason, we are always checking to make sure the information within our reviews is up to date and amending accordingly. This can sometimes have an impact on a brokers rating, but more often than not it will just be a minor change which is still considered important to us. Please feel free to reach out if you have noticed something that needs updating and we will have it seen to right away.


Whilst we do out best to make sure that each broker review is as reliable as possible based on our own findings, we do understand that there can be a conflict of opinions. Although we have the final say regarding the content and ratings on the Trading Brokers website, we do welcome feedback from brokers and users if you feel there is something missing, inaccurate data or specific areas in which we could improve. Please contact us if there is anything that you wish to discuss and we will get back to you as soon as possible.