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The Trading Brokers team have spent thousands of hours researching and conducting in-depth analysis on hundreds of online trading brokers over many years. We are proud to have a diverse team of professionals from different backgrounds who are located around the globe. This includes active traders, researchers, analysts and writers, all of whom are equally as passionate and hard working. Putting our individual skills and experience together helps to ensure that we provide only the most detailed, informative and accurate broker reviews that you can find anywhere online.

The vast amount of knowledge that our close-knit team has gathered during over 20 years of experience in the brokerage industry enables us to provide our readers with comprehensive yet easy to understand broker reviews and broker ratings to help them choose a broker that can cater to their own individual needs. We understand that every trader is different with their own requirements, thus we try to make sure that our reviews cover all of the most important aspects of a trading broker. You can learn more about the methodology that we use in our review process.

We aim to provide unbiased online trading broker reviews to give traders a clear understanding of the different brokers available to them. Traders can use our free service but should do their own due diligence and make their own decisions when choosing an online trading broker to open an account with.

Whilst most of our data has been verified directly from these brokers, it can occasionally vary. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated information within our online trading broker reviews and you should confirm all data directly with the broker. Rates, terms, products and services on third-party websites are subject to change without notice.

There has been a signficant amount of effort and consideration gone into ensuring that we can continue to help traders learn more about brokers and trading online with free content available throughout the website.

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History of trading brokers

In the 1990s when the internet was becoming more widely used, banks and small companies developed online systems that created automated quotes which made it possible for people to trade instantaneously.

Thus, these technological advancements and regulations put in place, generated a new category of trading brokers that allowed individuals to buy and sell assets online. These developments opened many doors for retail trading with online brokers helping traders located in various parts of the world to place their trades.

Online trading is now much easier compared to what it used to be in the past before there were so many trading brokers to choose from. In the past, the global markets were primarily traded by banks and organizations. Currently, anybody with an internet connection, trading platform and brokerage account can trade online.

The establishment of different trading brokerages has given single individuals the opportunity to open a trading account and speculate on global markets at anytime from anywhere without the restrictions of past years. We aim to make it quick and easy for you to compare brokers and to find the best broker for your needs.