Wealthyhood Review

Wealthyhood provides clients with a range of products, tools and services for smart, personalised, and commission-free investing. They are amongst the first do-it-yourself wealth-building apps designed especially for long-term investors. You can choose to grow your money in a way that works best for you and invest in the areas that you have an interest in. It is completely free to get started with Wealthyhood and takes just a few minutes to get your account set up.

Wealthyhood PortfolioBased in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London, Wealthyhood includes a range of the most popular ETFs and investment products, giving you exposure to various asset classes, like stocks, government and corporate bonds, real estate and commodities, but also different geographies and industries.

Some of the key reasons to invest with Wealthyhood include the following:

  1. Smart tools to automate your investments
  2. Invest from as little as £10
  3. Focus on long-term wealth-building

Wealthyhood Features

Wealthyhood brings together the best of the two worlds of modern trading apps and Robo-advisors, to create a brand new, DIY wealth management experience for millennial investors. The company’s platform and application help its users build and customise their portfolio for a fully personalised experience. It allows them to track their money and have full control and transparency throughout their investment journey, enabling clients to become their own money manager and invest according to their unique interests and values.


Wealthyhood provides automated portfolio templates, real-time insights and visual tools, to help users construct the portfolio that matches their needs and goals. You can take advantage of the company’s innovative tools with automated rebalancing and scheduled deposits for a smart investing journey.


Wealthyhood offers a personalised experience, as every template is fully-customisable, and enables investors to have full control over the investing process. You can enjoy a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily make informed investment decisions with the utmost control and transparency.


Clients can choose from a range of optimised allocation templates that cater to different risk-reward profiles. Although they do provide a template allocation as a starting point for you to work from, you can customise your portfolio and rebalance it any time.


With no commissions, annual fees and no percentage charge on your investment, Wealthyhood users can grow their money to its full potential without incurring any unnecessary costs.


Wealthyhood does not limit users to individual stocks. Instead, you can choose to diversify your portfolio using popular ETFs that cover Equities, Bonds, Commodities and even Real Estate.

Visual Tools

Wealthyhood provides free access to an impressive variety of visual tools and charts that can help you quickly and easily understand how your portfolio is allocated and therefore construct the one that is best suited towards your own financial goals.

Projection & Insights

The projections and real-time insights can be a great way to gain an overview of the expected growth potential of your portfolio in various good and bad market conditions.

Track & Rebalance

There is no need to go through an overly complex analysis or an overwhelming amount of information with Wealthyhood. Instead, you can get detailed tracking statistics and use their automated rebalancing tool to help keep everything under your control.

How does Wealthyhood work?

Now that we have briefly covered what Wealthyhood is, lets take a quick look at exactly how it works.

Create your own bespoke portfolio

The first step is to develop a portfolio according to your personal investment preferences, financial goals and interests. Wealthyhood understands that everyone is different, which is why they have a range of templates and tools to cater for all client’s needs. The templates consist of different asset classes, from numerous markets  and industries worldwide, in an attempt to make sure they achieve significant diversification.

  • Choose the asset classes and industries you want to invest in
  • Select the optimal allocation template based on your risk profile
  • Customise the weighting of the assets in your portfolio and invest

Wealthyhood Portfolio Customised

Track your portfolio

Wealthyhood allows you to easily keep track of your portfolio to see how your money is performing for you. They provide you with a range of tools so that you can analyse performance and rebalance at any time.

  • Track the return on your capital investment
  • Invest from just £10 and adjust your portfolio holdings at any time
  • Get a detailed breakdown of how your portfolio is performing

Wealthyhood ReviewWealthyhood Portfolio Review

Is Wealthyhood safe?

You can get peace of mind and protection with Wealthyhood as they are an appointed representative of WealthKernel Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Of course, the performance of your portfolio depends on the investments that you choose. Wealthyhood doesn’t manage your money for you.

Wealthyhood Price Plans

When using a trading app, the fees can add up and eat into your investment over time. In contrast to other alternatives, Wealthyhood charges no % fees on AUM or commissions. They have a choice of 3 price plans to choose from, each with different features and benefits.

Wealthyhood Beginner

The beginner plan is available for £1 per month and offers unlimited commission-free investing, over 50 ETF’s, real-time guidance and insights, and thousands of personalised portfolio options.

Wealthyhood ISA

This plan will cost £3 per month and offers everything the beginner plan offers plus retirements accounts and tax benefits.

Wealthyhood Pro

Costing £7 per month the pro plan allows you to invest in individual stocks and unlocks access to premium tools, analytics and insights.

Learning Guides

Wealthyhood shows that it cares about its investors best interests by providing them with a range of educational guides freely available on its website. The stimulating content walks you through some of the basic concepts of  investing online and can help you be better prepared when making fundamental decisions along your investment journey.

Wealthyhood Learning Guides

Wealthyhood Summary

Wealthyhood is overall a very user-friendly investment app. They keep things nice and simple with minimal fees. You get access to an intuitive investment platform with smart tools that help you make optimal investment decisions, according to your own preferences. Each portfolio is uniquely tailored to your needs and optimised for your risk tolerance and can be further customised as required by removing or adding asset classes, changing the allocation and exposure to different sectors. You can withdraw your funds at any time you wish as there is no lock-up period. What’s more, the minimum amount required to get started is just £10! If you would like to sign-up or find out more about this exciting investing app, please feel free to head on over to the Wealthyhood website.

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