VT Markets saw a rise in trading activity in 2022

“VT Markets’ success was driven by an emphasis on innovation, product diversification and expansion into newer markets. The brokerage ventured beyond traditional trading products and offered more diverse instruments such as indices, bonds, and ETFs. They also expanded their business operations globally,” VT Markets explained in the statement.

Director of VT Markets Chris Nelson-Smith added that the broker is still committed to expanding its product line to stay up with shifting market conditions and professional trends.

Statistics on 2022 CFD Trading from VT Markets

The success of VT Markets comes at a time when inflation rates are at historic highs and brokers and traders are rethinking their strategies in order to cope with the altered market conditions.

The amount of initial deposits made by retail traders into forex and CFD accounts touched a record low in August, falling to just $663 from $1,354 earlier in July. The average single withdrawal, on the other hand, increased significantly from July’s average of $1,902 to $2,293 in August.

According to these figures, the intelligence team revealed, new FX/CFD traders were not interested in making any investments at the end of the summer period, while current clients were either making additional deposits or withdrawing their funds.

Additionally, authorities in important markets tightened their marketing rules for retail forex brokers in 2022. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) declared in March that they would be actively keeping an eye out for influencers who were engaging in non-compliant marketing. Brokers were advised by the regulator to keep an eye on their marketing associates to prevent fines.

The regulator discovered that 33% of young people between the ages of 18 and 21 follow at least one financial influencer on social media in the 2021 ASIC Young People and Money Survey. Furthermore, according to 64% of the participants, an influencer’s actions caused them to change at least one financial decision.

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