Vantage extends Swap-Free Trading Offer

Currently, Vantage is currently implementing a product that is swap-free which aims to give greater convenience for gold (XAUUSD) traders.

Vantage clients are exempt from paying an overnight fee for trading on any trading account, even on the Vantage App.

You can also save nearly USD 1,000,000 on overnight fees if you trade your gold swap-free with Vantage. Clients can also benefit from tight spreads beginning at 1, high leverage of 500 to 1 with a minimum deposit $500 and no deposit fees.

After receiving overwhelming support within the first three months of its launch, the brokerage firm decided to extend swap-free trading beyond 2022 to include other digital assets.

Marc Despallieres is Chief Strategy and Trading Officer. He comments, “We have received lots of positive feedback from clients, and we are happy to expand our offering to their benefit. Swap-free trading is a cost-saving option for clients who choose long-term strategies. They can also close their trades at any time they choose, which allows them to hedge their positions.”

The Vantage Swap Calculator allows clients to calculate their potential savings, which you can access on the brokers website free of charge.

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