Undergraduate Degrees for Day Traders

A day trader is a specialist who trades securities, currencies, real estate, precious metals, futures, etc., within an exchange. The main income of a trader is formed by the difference in prices (bought at a lower price and sold at a higher price). To become a trader, you should have an analytical mindset, preservice, and patience.

Today we will tell you about an undergraduate degree for day traders.

Undergraduate degrees

We should look at four main degrees:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Management

You can keep in mind that in order to apply for some of the programs presented below, you need to write an admission essay. If you are not sure about your writing skills, it is better to get help on a paper writing service like essayshark.com. You will receive a sample of an application essay that you can use as a template for writing your own paper.

Where you can get the degrees:

BA Economics (provided by the University of Denver)

At the University of Denver, economics students strive to understand how the social apparatus that governs the distribution of goods and services works. A student explores the causes of the economic growth and development process, both within and between countries, and explores its social consequences. They also explore topics related to trading activity.

BSc International Business, Economics, and Finance (provided by the Alliance Manchester Business School)

It is suitable for graduates who have deep knowledge of three closely related disciplines. You will study finance, business, and economics in an international context. Getting a degree in this school will open amazing opportunities in trading.

Bachelor in Economics (provided by the Catholic University of America)

They designed this program to provide students with knowledge of economic theory. The university offers advanced courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, statistics, econometrics, and other economics courses: environmental economics, international trade, economic development, international finance, etc. They well prepare graduates of these programs for professional positions in trading.

BSc Economics (provided by the University of London)

Prepare for a career in an emerging field of economics. You can earn a BA in Economics from the world’s leading scholars. You can study from any place in the world. Not only new but also returning students are welcome in this university. By getting this degree, you can be prepared for a trading career.

BA in Economics and Business (provided by the Unicaf University)

This program offers its students experience in business and economics. This enables them to show knowledge of business processes. The program allows them to assess the attractiveness of an industry and identify possible risks and opportunities for doing business by selecting and applying proper methodologies. The program can help to prepare students for careers in day trading as well.

BSc in Business Economics (provided by the Ambis University)

The aim of the program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to perform tasks in economics, management, organization, and business at different levels of management and in various positions in the commercial field. The gain knowledge can also help you to succeed in the trading sphere.

BA in Economics and Business (provided by the Berlin School of Business Innovation)

This program responds to the demand for skilled business professionals who understand and solve the problems underlying modern management practice. In this undergraduate program, you will cover an interdisciplinary range of subjects to develop students’ knowledge in spheres such as finance, marketing, trading, human resources, and more. You will have ample opportunity to work with your instructors and fellow students, discuss business topics as well as work with interactive projects.

BSc Economics (provided by the Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies)

Economic problems are a ubiquitous and integral part of our lives. If you want to understand how to improve the living conditions of people in their daily life and how to solve economic issues in the sectors of the economy, choose this program.

I hope this guide will help you. I tried to collect the most useful information about undergraduate degrees for day traders. Learn, trade, and secure yourself an enjoyable life with trading!

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