TradingView vs NinjaTrader

Category: Trading Platforms | Author: Trading Brokers | Date: January 6, 2023

NinjaTrader and TradingView are two distinct platforms, each with advantages and disadvantages of its own. When it comes to choosing a suitable trading platform, it can depend on your trading style and what your need are as an individual trader because we are all different. That being said, we will take a look at how TradingView compares to NinjaTrader to help you decide which is the best trading platform for you.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is an extremely well-liked social network. It is one of the first trading systems that incorporate a social forum and message board. Users can quickly exchange business and educational ideas by using the appropriate tags. There is also a specific social tab for scripts. For delayed data charting, TradingView is free. However, you will need to pay the moment you want real-time data or want to make a deal with them.

TradingView is a useful tool for both novice and experienced traders. It’s extremely simple to use for those getting started in technical analysis, and at the same time, it includes most indicators and technical analysis tools an experienced trader will need. The main issue with TradingView is that it is not integrated with many trading brokers at the moment but you can use it standalone. You can also see a selection of TradingView brokers that we have already prepared.



What is NinjaTrader?

A strong derivatives trading platform with a focus on futures, FX, and options is called NinjaTrader. There are several distinctive trading tools on the platform. There is a free version that does not have the Trader + and OrderFlow + extras, but users can still analyze charts, backtest trading techniques, and engage in trading without making an initial investment.

Although NinjaTrader offers its own brokerage services, consumers can also choose from a variety of other NinjaTrader brokerage options. Account minimums depend on the traded securities, and commission rates change based on the platform version. The platform’s vast selection of tools and analyzers will provide advanced derivatives traders with many hours of entertainment.

For beginner traders who don’t want to make a financial commitment, the free version that comes with all brokerage accounts is a fantastic starting point. You can increase complexity as you develop as a trader and become ready for additional features and tools.



NinjaTrader vs TradingView

Because Tradingview is a webpage, getting started with it is fairly simple. You can pull up a chart by simply typing in what you’re searching for; there is no need to configure a data source. Many people find this appealing because they may start out quickly.

NinjaTrader is a little more challenging to use because the typical user anticipates downloading a platform and having all the data. However, all you have when you download the platform is the platform. A data feed must then be connected. Since then, NinjaTrader has made this simpler by asking users if they require a data connection before they download the software, although many of them still answer no before later learning they do. Because a software needs to be downloaded and set up, it is not as straightforward as opening a website, so plan on taking a bit longer.

There are 129 indicators in all in NinjaTrader, if you enjoy your indicators. TradingView features 113 built-in tools.

Conclusion: is TradingView better than NinjaTrader?

It really depends what features are important to you. TradingView might be a helpful website if you need to check the quotes quickly while you’re on the go. They have a sizable social room, which is fantastic for looking at charts and double-checking quotes but which I’m still pretty sure is simply there as a diversion. However, NinjaTrader is more practical as a trading platform and excels at what it does. It will be what you use 80 percent of the time, and you will only open the TradingView website when you need rapid access to a chart.

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