TradingView now offers Replay mode

TradingView’s newest feature is trading in Replay mode. This widget, called Bar Replay, has its own buy/sell buttons.

  • This trading mode is separate from Paper Trading. Data on transactions is not available.
  • Market orders can be executed at the price that you see and without any choice in quantity. Forex has a default quantity of 1000. All other symbols have a 1.
  • The currency of p/l corresponds with symbol currency.
  • Trading is possible immediately after you select the Replay starting point. However, trading is not possible if the Replay is paused.
  • Trading mode in the Replay is activated if at least one trade has been made.
  • If there aren’t any deals, trading in the Replay can be done. Otherwise, it will just end as a regular Replay.
  • A pop-up will display the results of this trading session.

TradingView updates its functionality regularly. TradingView added Contract Switching icons in charts to make it easier to understand when a continuous forwards contract switches.

These icons indicate the switching dates of continuous futures contracts. The trading day after the expiration of the futures contract is when switching takes place.

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