TradingView and Signal Center will be used by VT Markets. Leverage increased for users in Southeast Asia to 1:1000

The multi-asset broker plans to introduce an exclusive 1:1000 leverage ratio for gold and currency products in 2023, obviously for customers of VT Markets’ offshore businesses. Only clients in Southeast Asia of VT Markets are eligible for such a deal.

The recently updated VT Markets app gives users access to over 1000 assets that are tracked in real-time using its built-in features.

In addition to the leverage of 1:000, the broker has a strategic strategy in place to collaborate with TradingView and Acuity in order to provide its international clients with superior services.

“Despite the expected global recession in 2023, we are forecasting that our trading volume and the total number of traders will grow by at least 100%. With our bold strategies and expansion plans, we’re confident of maintaining our position at the forefront of the financial industry and setting the standard for others”, said a spokesperson for VT Markets.

VT Markets intends to incorporate the Signal Centre from Acuity

Acuity is a market research company that provides retail and institutional businesses with trading ideas, research, and news on the financial markets using eye-catching visuals. Its solutions carry out a comprehensive deep examination of the markets to provide traders with actionable trading ideas and brokers with financial gains. Signal Center was recently purchased by the company.

A group of skilled technical analysts and expert traders provide the FCA-regulated service known as Signal Centre, which offers clear trade ideas to improve trading chances.

Deep market research is performed using a combination of skilled, human-led analysts and AI technology, which produces risk/reward trading suggestions for both beginning and seasoned traders. In order to obtain a thorough understanding of the markets, from the short term to the long term, the team of seasoned market specialists uses both conventional and alternative data sets to accommodate all trading styles.

The VT Markets’ Integration with TradingView

TradingView is the most widely used charting and analysis tool in the world, providing access to over 100 prebuilt technical indicators, market screeners, community-built scripts, exchanges’ volume profiles, and customised user-defined chart timeframes to over 30 million traders and investors each month. While the specifics of the planned partnership with TradingView are still unknown, suffice it to say that they are the world’s most widely used charting and analysis tools.

The website has had such steady growth over the years thanks to its community of traders, investors, analysts, and researchers that it is currently the most well-known investing resource on the planet.

Customers of VT Markets should be able to find and evaluate possibilities through VT Markets without leaving the TradingView platform thanks to the partnership with TradingView.

For the first time, mutual customers can chart and trade at the same time and take advantage of all the combined features and advantages, including group insights, community-generated indicators, and research from TradingView’s sizable active user base of traders and investors.

Australian, South African, and SVG regulatory bodies all oversee VT Markets’ entities.

VT Markets intends to improve user experience on its websites and social media platforms in order to strengthen its brand visibility. Aside from improving the brand’s reputation, this action will give customers easier access to information about all things trading, including news, deals, and promotions.

A licenced multi-asset broker with operations in more than 160 nations is VT Markets. The brand is active through a number of businesses that are authorised and registered in different jurisdictions. You can find out more in our VT Markets Review.

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