TradeStation celebrates 40 years

This year marks the 40th anniversary of TradeStation Group, Inc., a supplier of self-clearing online brokerage services for trading stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and cryptocurrencies. TradeStation, which was established in 1982, aims to provide the best trading experience.

TradeStation, a South Florida-based software development business founded in 1982, has earned a solid reputation as a leading supplier of trading platforms and tools for institutions, active traders, and self-directed investors. Throughout its four-decade history, the company has been a dependable source, and its expansion has been fueled by the provision of cutting-edge new goods and insightful educational content aimed at assisting skilled traders.

“TradeStation has successfully navigated the past 40 years by putting traders first and constantly evolving with the financial markets to bring solutions to our customers,” said John Bartleman, President and CEO of TradeStation Group, Inc. “Guiding this firm and our customers has been a privilege, and we look forward to many more decades of supporting traders as they navigate through all types of market events.”

TradeStation provides complex platforms and tools for users who seek to trade derivative goods like commodity futures and options in order to speculate on price changes in addition to its platforms and API technologies enabling customers to buy, sell, and trade equities and ETFs. In 2022, futures and options activity saw a huge increase, which TradeStation attributed to the trading opportunities made possible by continued market volatility. TradeStation has been a pioneer in implementing cutting-edge CME Group products over the past few years, including Micro Treasury Yield Futures, Micro Crude Oil Contracts, Ether Futures, Micro E-mini Futures, Gold, Natural Gas, and others.

To give its customers access to the cryptocurrency markets, the company introduced TradeStation Crypto in 2019. The protection of its customers’ crypto assets is of the utmost importance to TradeStation Crypto in a world of increased uncertainty and shifting crypto regulation. To manage funds between hot/warm and cold storage, TradeStation Crypto employs hot, warm, and cold wallet solutions offered by a third-party custodian along with TradeStation Crypto’s operational controls, risk management, and cybersecurity standards.

Through charitable endeavors, financial inclusion projects, and philanthropic endeavors, TradeStation is also dedicated to having a good impact on the community.

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