Tradelocker Review

Category: Trading Platforms | Author: Trading Brokers | Date: February 1, 2024

TradeLocker is an innovative online trading platform that aims to revolutionize the world of trading. As both a trader and a trading platform reviewer, I was intrigued when I first heard about TradeLocker and wanted to check it out for myself. The purpose of this review is to provide an in-depth look at TradeLocker, its standout features, and how it compares to other popular trading platforms on the market today.

I’ll be exploring everything TradeLocker has to offer—from its wide selection of tradable assets and advanced charting capabilities to its focus on community engagement and feedback. My goal is to give readers a comprehensive understanding of TradeLocker so you can determine if it’s the right fit for your trading needs. I’ll also share my personal experience using the platform over the past few weeks.

So let’s dive in and see if this next-gen platform lives up to its promises! I’m eager to share what I’ve discovered so far.

TradeLocker Overview



TradeLocker is a slick new trading platform that’s aiming to shake up the world of online trading. Created by a team of fintech entrepreneurs and trading pros, TradeLocker brings together an intuitive interface, innovative tools, and a focus on community to offer traders an experience that’s truly best-in-class.

After test driving TradeLocker myself over the past few weeks, I’ve been impressed by both the polish of the platform as well as some of its standout features that set it apart from the competition. We’re talking things like one-click trading execution, dynamic risk management, built-in social sharing of strategies, and even the ability to trade directly from charts.

The platform’s integration with TradingView provides traders with access to hundreds of customizable charts and indicators, allowing for real-time market data analysis and effective trade execution. The one-click trading feature and the ability to trade directly from the chart are particularly appealing for those looking to streamline their trading process.

While TradeLocker is still new and has some room to grow, it’s clear this team knows what they’re doing. I’m excited to see TradeLocker give some of the older, clunkier platforms a run for their money!

Pros and Cons Of TradeLocker


  • Intuitive navigation
  • Cutting-edge charting tools
  • Efficiency with on-chart trading
  • Diverse trading options
  • Mobile trading convenience
  • Community engagement


  • Platform stability issues
  • Reliability concerns due to bugs
  • Limitations for editing open trades

Tradable Markets

Trade Locker Tradable Markets

Trade Locker Tradable Markets

When it comes to tradable assets, TradeLocker delivers in spades. We’re talking over 500 tradable instruments across commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, indices – you name it. Whether you’re looking to trade gold, Bitcoin, S&P 500 stocks, EUR/USD, or anything in between, chances are TradeLocker has you covered.

What I really like is the diversity across asset classes. As both a crypto and commodities trader myself, I love having exposure to non-correlated markets to balance out risk. TradeLocker makes it easy to trade hot cryptos like Ethereum while also speculating on coffee or wheat futures in a single unified platform.

The team at TradeLocker seems to have curated assets to appeal to virtually any trader’s interests. If you’re into exotic currency pairs like USD/SEK or want to trade micro-lots of emerging market stocks, I’ve found TradeLocker accommodates well. And active traders will appreciate how liquid many of these markets are in terms of tight spreads.

The bottom line is TradeLocker gives you an impressive menu of assets to choose from. Whether you’re a generalist looking for portfolio diversity or a specialist who focuses on a single niche market, TradeLocker has what you need to execute your trading strategy. The availability of so many markets definitely adds to the appeal of this next-gen platform.

Charting and Layout

TradeLocker Chart

TradeLocker Chart

When it comes to analyzing the markets, TradeLocker delivers a robust charting experience through its integration with TradingView. You get access to hundreds of advanced technical indicators, drawing tools, and customizable chart layouts to conduct in-depth market analysis.

I’m a visual trader, so I really appreciate TradeLocker’s chart-centric features like on-chart trading and one-click execution. Instead of having to go back and forth between the chart and order entry forms, I can analyze price action, identify levels, and execute my trades directly on the chart. This intuitive trading workflow allows me to act swiftly when I spot trading opportunities.

TradeLocker Chart

TradeLocker Chart

The user interface itself follows a clean, modular design that focuses heavily on the chart while keeping account stats, watchlists, order entry, and other key elements easily accessible. I like how I can pop out the chart into fullscreen to immerse myself in price action or stack multiple charts to compare assets. Custom dashboard layouts are also available.

Overall, TradeLocker offers a modern charting experience geared towards active traders who rely on technical analysis. The ability to trade from the chart streamlines order execution, while the customizable workspaces let you tailor the platform to your preferences. For visual traders like myself who make trading decisions based on chart patterns and indicators, TradeLocker delivers an efficient user experience.

Trading Features

TradeLocker aims to provide traders with innovative tools to simplify and enhance their trading experience.

1.    Order Panel

TradeLocker Order Panel

TradeLocker Order Panel

TradeLocker’s order panel is a centralized hub for managing all your trades. It provides a clear and organized overview of all your open positions, pending orders, and trading history, allowing you to keep track of your trading activities with ease.

The order panel is designed to streamline the trading process, making it easy for users to place, modify, and close orders. It includes a range of features that simplify order management, such as the ability to place stop-loss and take-profit orders directly from the panel.

Moreover, the order panel includes a detailed trading history, providing users with a comprehensive record of their past trades. This can be a valuable tool for reviewing and refining your trading strategies, as it allows you to analyze your past performance and identify areas for improvement.

2.             Automated Trading Capabilities

TradeLocker Automated Trading Capabilities

TradeLocker Automated Trading Capabilities

For advanced traders, TradeLocker opens up possibilities to take automation to the next level by developing custom scripts and strategies powered by artificial intelligence. The platform supports creating trading bots, indicators, signals, and more using Python and Pine Scripting languages. This allows traders to backtest ideas and automate their systems.

3.             Streamlined Trade Execution

TradeLocker Trade Execution

TradeLocker Trade Execution

I’m a fan of TradeLocker’s one-click trading and order execution directly through TradingView charts. It’s a simple yet game-changing feature that allows acting swiftly on trading signals without having to manually move back and forth between screens to enter orders. The intuitive trading flows help overcome emotional hesitation.

4.             Robust Trade Management

Managing open positions is also straightforward with TradeLocker. The platform provides tools to track detailed metrics on your portfolio of trades including P/L per trade, margin usage, swaps, commissions, and more. You can also partially or fully close positions with a single click or modify stop losses and take profit levels through the intuitive SL/TP calculator. The focus on transparent trade management gives you greater control.

By catering to both new and experienced traders alike, TradeLocker offers a stacked suite of trading features that can appeal to users across the spectrum of skill levels. The platform aims to provide an end-to-end solution.

Community and User Engagement

TradeLocker seems intent on building a robust community of engaged users rather than just being a trading platform. There are some cool social features that speak to this.

For starters, you can easily share your trading activity or portfolio performance to social platforms. So if you’ve had a hot streak and want to showcase your skills, you can give followers a peek behind the curtain. Likewise, you can follow successful members of the TradeLocker community and even replicate strategies from top performers.

Trade Locker User Engagement

Trade Locker User Engagement

I’m also intrigued by upcoming features like trade challenges and leaderboards that will facilitate some healthy competition. Trade insurance is another neat concept that helps protect your portfolio from losses when copying others’ trades.

And in an effort to continually improve, TradeLocker actively solicits ideas and feedback from users on what platform capabilities to build next. You can even vote on features in the roadmap based on what would bring the most value to your trading. There’s a sense that you’re participating in shaping the platform’s evolution.

With all of these community-focused features, TradeLocker demonstrates an understanding that trading can feel solitary without those connections.

Pricing and Accessibility

TradeLocker’s commercial strategy appears still in formation as the platform takes shape. As TradeLocker is currently in early access mode, the platform has not yet specified any pricing plans or fee structures. No pricing details are available yet. As an early-stage platform, the focus lies more on building capabilities based on user testing rather than revenue. Any future pricing plans remain to be seen.


After testing TradeLocker these past few weeks, I walked away impressed by both the platform’s capabilities and vision. TradeLocker brings together many next-gen trading features into a modern, intuitive experience – from the efficiency of one-click trading to the power of building automated strategies with AI.

Yet TradeLocker also seems to recognize that a trading platform needs human touch. By facilitating community engagement and user feedback, they want to build more than just technology – but an ecosystem tailored to how traders operate and interact.

For traders seeking an advanced, multi-asset platform that keeps user experience at the forefront, TradeLocker checks a lot of boxes. While still smoothing out some stability kinks common in early-stage platforms, the core foundations look very promising.

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