Top 5 Platforms From Where You Can Buy Bitcoins: By Crypto Experts

Category: Blog | Author: Trading Brokers | Date: May 18, 2023

Buying through crypto exchanges is one of the most used cryptocurrency trading methods. People find it convenient to do so because they can examine various price points, choose the best rate, and buy from that platform. Exchange marketplaces help purchase and sell the coin better because they have actual rates and analysis, which you cannot do alone.

But only some platforms are worth trusting. Many take advantage of people’s situations and steal their money. The authorities cannot help you if they don’t back the cryptocurrency platform. People usually give away thousands of bucks to buy crypto. Imagine if you give it to the malicious hackers. How much loss will you suffer? In this guide, we have mentioned the best marketplaces to buy crypto from without worrying about extra loss or stealing your money.

Buy Bitcoin from these 5 Marketplaces

Whether you are mining Bitcoin or trading it with the help of automated bots like the Bitcoin 360 AI, you will need to buy the currency from somewhere. For that, you will head to crypto exchange marketplaces and find the best deal that fits your budget. You cannot rely on every other marketplace because some trick people into depositing their money, and when they reach their target, they cut off all communication and run away with the money. Below, you will find some of the best cryptocurrency marketplaces backed up by experts that will give you a good trade while safekeeping your assets and valuable money.

1.    Beginner Friendly: Coinbase

The cryptocurrency marketplace was founded in 2012 and originated in San Francisco. Today it is a geographically fragmented business with no base and operations in more than 100 nations. It distinguishes itself by offering an easy-to-use dealing environment, reliable safety, and a variety of extra benefits for experienced traders.

Several first-time Bitcoin consumers now use Coinbase as their preferred platform due to its wide variety of allowed currencies (300+) and user-friendly website. Since most users have become familiar with online financial apps, the platform’s interface makes switching to cryptocurrency trading convenient.

We selected Coinbase as the top digital currency trading platform for novices because of its intuitive user interface, rich content for learning on topics like unpredictability and blockchain technology, and strong safety precautions. With a simple onboarding procedure that alleviates customers into dealings, the cryptocurrency network does a beautiful job of decreasing the initial threshold for prospective investors. The platform’s layout enables users to explore and handle cryptocurrency simultaneously. The most notable features are its two-factor authentication system, insurance of accounts up to $250,000, and storing of almost all of the customer’s crypto offline.


  • Reasonably easy to use for beginners
  • Interactive and convenient to scroll user-interface
  • Over 300+ cryptocurrencies are available
  • Exceptionally liquid exchange marketplace
  • Suitable for advanced traders as well


  • Hefty fee structure
  • Difficult to comprehend paying procedure
  • Absence of customer service
  • It is a custodial account, so you don’t have access to the private controls

2.    Exceptional Security: Gemini

Gemini distinguishes out for prioritizing safety and regulations so highly. In the event of an encryption compromise, the New York-based exchange’s hot wallet coverage will ensure that customer resources are kept private. Consumers must also undergo a personal authentication procedure to lower the risk of deception.  Gemini also offers the ability to inspect and authorize electronics connected to the trading site and urges consumers to use two-step verification to protect their account information. Gemini’s SOC 2 certification as the safety leader demonstrates that auditing firms have confirmed the organization’s safety and legal procedures.

Gemini, created with professional dealers in mind, offers a trading interface of the highest caliber and handles more than 100 virtual currencies and coins. Consumers can purchase services and products using digital currency through Gemini, which also provides a cryptocurrency loyalty program. It is a cryptocurrency exchange with impressive success and a positive user experience. The site offers instruments to assist efficient traders, enables over 100 digital currencies for purchasing, selling, and keeping, and promises industry-leading protection.


  • Price alerts with continuous buying
  • Available in all 50 states of the U.S
  • The insured funds are kept in a hot wallet
  • Account statement can be downloaded
  • Get the output of your processing history
  • Exceptional security features
  • Bitcoin withdrawals will only be accessed to authenticated addresses


  • Exceptionally high trading fees
  • Absence of customer service
  • Has fewer digital currency options
  • When not used for spot trading, it has a complicated charge system.

3.    Best Choice for Low Fees: Kraken

In the beginning stages of the market for bitcoin, this digital currency exchange made a name for itself as the preferred dealing site for sophisticated traders, and it has continued to uphold that stellar track record. Kraken provides two channels: its primary marketplace for crypto trade and Kraken Pro, a professional trading system. The marketplace’s Pro platform offers 13 types of orders, high-speed implementation, complete access to purchase records, and exceptionally tailored analysis of charts capabilities.

Due to its excellent safety mechanisms and safeguards, which have enabled the business to run effectively, we selected Kraken as the top Bitcoin exchange for protection. Many bitcoin traders worldwide are familiar with and adore this marketplace because it has been operating for a while. The digital currency exchange can handle all trades, supporting more than 185 altcoins across several solutions, including spot, margin, staking, and futures.


  • Minimal fees on the Pro platform
  • Remarkably liquid platform
  • A wide variety of digital currencies supported
  • Strict security protocols
  • Staking and margin trading are available
  • Trade through multiple exchanges with a single platform


  • Not available across all the states
  • Restricted funding options through standard paper currency

4.    Exceptional Decentralized Platform: Bisq

Bisq is a peer-to-peer digital currencies trading website introduced in 2014, allowing participants worldwide to make transactions with various virtual cryptocurrencies and assets. At this time, it accepts more than 120 digital products. The buying and selling program is separate from consumers in particular regions, nor are consumers of this decentralized exchange required to go through a Know Your Customer information authentication procedure. Users of Bisq have access to various payment choices, notably wire transfers, ACH moves, and money deposits for purchasing and trading Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Bisq was selected as the top decentralized trading system because it most closely represents the spirit of Bitcoin by keeping a freely available, totally decentralized platform without restricting currency compatibility. This platform delivers a decentralized setting, a user-friendly interface, and extensive cryptocurrency assistance provided by traditional exchanges. The endeavor is sponsored by individual funds and contributions from the platform’s customer base. The website is created using software that is open-sourced, making its design accessible to the general population.


  • Trades with a wide variety of international and local currencies
  • A plethora of payment options
  • Succinct authentication procedure
  • Available all across the globe
  • Promotes a high-privacy protocol


  • Only have the option to perform trades with BTC or BSQ
  • The mobile version is valid for notifications only
  • The speed of transactions is mostly low

5.    Mobile-Friendly:

After debuting in 2016, this platform has made a name for itself by becoming one of the top digital currency exchanges worldwide. It accepts over 250 altcoins and is accessible in 90 different nations globally. A comprehensive virtual currency environment consisting of’s internal blockchain technology, Chain, an indigenous coin called CRO, a digital currency visa card, revenue-making bitcoin merchandise, and more is offered alongside the incredible assortment of authorized commodities it offers.

An unsupervised DeFi purse, prepaid Visa credit cards for using cryptocurrency, margin trading, and one of the most significant amounts of compatible digital currency coins on this list are just a few of the essential characteristics this platform offers its customers. Along with these precautions for safety, also uses offline cold storage, multi-factor verification, and an authorized custodian financial institution for conventional cash.


  • Over-the-top cybersecurity structure
  • Handles over 250 digital currencies
  • If you often opt for cash transfers, your account will have a considerably lower fee.
  • Has a variety of crypto products


  • Credit and debit transactions are expensive
  • Absence of customer support

Ending Statement

So, that was a detailed and comprehensive view of some of the best crypto and bitcoin exchanges available. We went through experts’ advice and chose only those platforms that will give you the best results. We focused on their features and told you about their shortcomings. But despite those errors, many people utilize these platforms. You can try any of these platforms but always keep in mind the signifcant risks involved with trading online.

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