Top 5 Books Every Broker Should Read

Books contain useful information that can only be discovered through reading them. Readers gain knowledge on important skills useful in their unique fields. Brokers specialize in different fields such as stocks, real estate, credit, forex, and leasing brokerage. 

They need information about how to succeed as a broker, the habits of an effective broker, taking brokerage as a career, and many other important skills. Although there are many book choices brokers can choose from, some of them provide unique information that can help them start and succeed. 

Top 5 Books Every Broker Should Read

Cracking the rich code – Jim Britt and others

Brokers need powerful insights about business and entrepreneurship from other brokers and business people who have made it before them. This book is written by more than 20 authors from different parts of the world to help new and established business people excel in their unique fields. 

The book contains very insightful and mind-blowing entrepreneurship ideas, stories, and strategies that every broker can apply in their field and succeed. The lead coauthor Jim Britt is a renowned peak performance expert. He picked the best success stories from various fields like TV, real estate, banking, insurance, etc., and created this amazing book. 

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Books For Brokers

The MacKay MBA of Selling in the Real World – Harvey Mackay


It’s not always easy to choose the right brokerage field to join because each field has its unique selling strategies and challenges. If an aspiring broker reads a book before they venture into brokerage, they enter the field with the latest salesmanship skills.

This is what this book is all about – it offers every basic strategy for making sales and salesmanship skills from A-Z. It teaches brokers how to concentrate in one field, possible constraints, creativity skills, building courage, and continuous learning. 


Everyday Agent – Whitney Ellis


Brokers in various fields desire workable day-to-day solutions that they can use to succeed in a highly competitive environment. The fields of insurance, forex, real estate, and loans have extreme competition because they attract large numbers of brokers. 

Despite the competition, some brokers make it to compete and rise about the rest thanks to books that give motivational and growth skills. Everyday Agent was specifically written to provide workable daily skills for brokers in the real estate business but the skills are transferable to any other brokerage field. 

The Million Dollar Listing Social Media – Sebastian Acosta

Business trends keep changing and so are the marketing trends. A few decades ago, brokers used a door-to-door marketing strategy before adopting print and news media later. Trends have lately changed and customer behaviors are changing fast. 

If a broker wants to succeed, they must go to where the customers are and social media is proving to be a highly effective marketing tool. This book challenges brokers not just to learn the skills of marketing from books but also to have social media accounts and actively use them to market.  

Play Bigger – Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Cristopher Lochhead, and others

Creating a product in the business is never enough to bring profits. The products must be designed in a way that they ‘replace’ the older products to give way to the new ones. This is one of the success strategy that has been used for thousands of years by pirates, dreamers, and innovators. 

Smart entrepreneurs must build new products and dominate the market at every cost. This is the mindset every broker should have if they ever want to become the greatest brokers in their lifetime. 


It can be an excellent idea to become a broker in a specific field, but some brokers excel faster than others. What makes the difference is brokers who love to read and those who don’t. Books provide essential information such as the tricks winning brokers use, how to overcome competition and the important daily habits of a broker. Brokers should choose the right books to read and use the information they gain to set new standards in their work and become winners. 

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