Top 10 Largest LSE Gambling Stocks in 2021

Top 10 Largest LSE Gambling Stocks in 2021

The current market environment looks fruitful if you want to expand your portfolio by adding gambling companies’ stocks.

There are two ways to go about that.

Either you analyse the top operators in the UK by hand, using KingCasinoBonus professional reviews of UKGC-vetted casinos and assess their value on your own. Those texts are in-depth on useful details like wagering, payments, and legal compliance. You may want to do that before buying shares of publicly listed casino operators.

Or you consult our 2021 list of the largest market capitalisation companies listed on the London Stock Exchange to see which businesses had a boost in the past 12 months. Then, you’ll get a clear picture of possible options as a potential shareholder.

Without further delay, here are the UK’s ten largest gambling stocks of 2021 so far!

1.      Rank Group (LON:RNK) –Market cap: £781.3 million

Owner company of Grosvenor, Mecca, Magical Vegas, and 9 remote casinos and bingo venues (online and offline), Rank Group numbers were impressive.

Their share price increased by almost 20% in the last 12 months, nearing £177 for one unit. Range went over the double threshold in the same period, from the lowest £82.5 to the highest £216.5.

Their transparent approach is visible entirely from the start. Their website front page greets you with a 210-page report of their 2021’s financials across the United Kingdom and Spain.

On their Investors page, you’ll see interactive sections of interest, like real-time prices and market caps, a detailed corporate governance plan, and contact details for further details.

An interesting source is the Shareholder Centre, which includes:

  • Forms
  • Summaries and votes of the meetings
  • E-comm newsletters
  • FAQs
  • Dividend history
  • Other shareholders plus their contacts

2.      Gaming Realms (LON:GMR) –  Market cap: £111.7 million

In the iGaming industry, Gaming Realms PLC is widely known as the creator of Slingo, a trademark hybrid between Slots and Bingo, now a star favourite among punters.

In the trading world, they’ve surprised everyone by earning over 77% price gain. The share price varied anywhere between £17.5 at its lowest to £49.85, its highest as of late.

With 25 years of experience and 10 active gaming licenses worldwide (UKGC, MGA, New Jersey, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, etc.), they’re a golden avenue, accommodating investors like no other.

In the “Investor Links” section of their site, you’ll find resources such as:

  • Shareholder tools, a tab where you can see LSE updates in real-time, sign-up for e-mail notifications, compare the price history of their stocks, and access price and return calculators.
  • Regulatory information, a page updated with the latest legislative changes.
  • Regulatory news, a page where you get informed on all transactions (acquisitions, dealings, shareholdings) and events, your voting rights, administrative board changes, notices, results & trade statements.
  • Periodic reports.
  • Board staff with their complete profile.
  • A list of significant shareholders along with their shares and capital percentages.

3.      Best of the Best (LON:BOTB) – Market cap: £63.5 million

Best of the Best is known to raffle enthusiasts as an opportunity-giver to win one-of-a-kind cars and other high-priced items.

To investors, it is known as a company that managed to expand its market capitalisation into its current form. It employs just 20 people and has had shrinkage at the share price in the last 52 weeks.

It amy be worth looking at, considering the platform is moving from physical shops in airports and shopping malls to an online venture. This opens its gate to expanding internationally, outside the UK.

However, cautious investors need to proceed with care since the price has proven itself to be volatile. The lowest margin was £560, and the highest mark was an impressive £3600.

4.      Sportech (LON:SPO) –Market cap: £36.1 million

In the UK, Sportech has earned its name as a trusted B2B online lottery solutions provider, licensed under the UK Gambling Commission. However, its business extends to Connecticut, USA, where it operates two Sports Bars.

In the last months, it has steadily increased towards a little over 31% price gain and considering the latest charts. It is one of the less volatile entries on our list. This also shows in its range of £17 to a maximum of £41.

On their main tab dedicated to investors, they took the time to keep them updated on the latest changes and make presentations of the company as a whole.

There, you can read more details on:

  • Shareholder information
  • Performance summary
  • Results
  • Corporate Governance

5.      B90 Holdings (LON:B90) – Market cap: £26.93 million

For the investors that need to curve their risks and prefer a little more stability, B90 may be worth taking a look at. In 2021, there was just a steady incline of 3% gain for one share.

They have products that centre around online casino sites and sportsbook sites, thus having a broad portfolio in the iGaming industry.

When we were writing this list, the price was accessible at £12, which lands on the lower side of the price range it has completed in the last months.

Namely, the lowest it has ever been a little bit under the £5 mark and the highest it has ever reached was almost £39.

For more info, their entire site is a corporate governance hub.

6.      Flutter Entertainment (LON:FLTR) – Market cap: £24.72 million

Flutter Entertainment (LONFLTR) Market cap 24.72 million

Flutter Entertainment (LONFLTR) Market cap 24.72 million

Besides its very fickle past-year history, Flutter is well-known for a list of long related products such as:

  • Sportsbook sites and shops
  • Online exchange site
  • Poker sites
  • Daily Fantasy Sports
  • Horse race wager online hubs in the US
  • Online casino games (including bingo)
  • Tipping and editorial service in the sports bets domain
  • TV stations in the UK and the US

If you look at the LSE latest news and data, you will probably see something that will seem different from the other items on our list.

Lately, its price has decreased by a little over 7%. If that seems suspicious to you in any way, know that one single share costs £14035.

This reflects the multiple and very varied mediums that they operate in. For a comprehensive view, the price at its lowest was £11700, and at its highest, it was £19680.

7.      Webis Holdings (LON:WEB) – Market cap: £17.11 million

Webis has the advantage of expanding on two continents, working on two continents, and developing technologies in iGaming and related industries.

It has surprised us with a staggering rise in its initial price of over 155%. This was coupled with a small range, with both limits sitting on the low-price side, between £1.3 and £6.79.

Thus, it may be an asset worth taking a closer look at for those who want to expand their portfolio without spending too much.

Their prominent companies are Watch and Wager Limited and Cal Expo Harness Racing, working at the biggest racetrack in Sacramento, California.

8.      Playtech (LON:PTEC) – Market cap: £2.14 billion

Playtech is a big name in the online gambling company, as gamers know it as a top-rated game provider on the UK market.

Even though the current price is even lower than £4.50 a share, their current total is well over 2 billion GBP.

This means that the share price is naturally very high regarding the other companies on our list. You can buy one for over £698.

They have their work parcelled into two primary tabs. When it comes to online casinos, they provide software and consultations for Turnkey casinos, a hybrid way of doing business between a unique, standalone site and a ready-to-use Whitelabel.

On the product part, they have 7 areas of expertise:

  1. Online casinos
  2. Live casinos (online games with real dealers)
  3. Sports betting
  4. Virtual bingo halls
  5. Online poker rooms & tournaments
  6. Virtual sports
  7. Retail work.

9.      888 Holdings (LON:888) – Market cap: £1.42 billion

888 Holdings is known for its remote casino sites, poker games for real money in the online environment, sports betting, and bingo.

Their site has several hubs for growth, recent financial results, tools for share prices, and promise for a safer gambling environment.

Along those, you can find a page solely for Investors Centre.

It has shown an increase of 33.59%, and a share is at a medium price of a little over £381. This is a sum that is relatively medium between £240 and £494.

The most well-known sites in the iGaming industry that 888 Holdings owns are:

  • 888casino
  • 888poker
  • 888sports
  • 777
  • Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo, RedBus Bingo, etc.

Bet at Home COM AG (LON:0RIP) – Market cap: £100.8 million

The decrease showed by the last 12 months could be set to move to a higher trajectory in the following months, making it a potentially sweet deal.

It costs £15 to buy a stock and the latest months have shown us differences between the lowest and highest price points from £15 to £40.

Note that the official site for the casino products and sportsbook and the version dealing with investor relations are different. The one dedicated to shareholders is easily accessible from everywhere and has most of the data you need.

You know now what some of the options are, you can pick one that fits your own individual needs as everyone is different!

Stay aware of the market and use gained knowledge to help you!

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