The most popular stocks traded on FXCM’s platform are revealed

FXCM, a company well known for its online trading products and services, recently published data on its most popular instruments for November 2022, including single stock CFDs and its range of stock basket products.

The online trading platform provides commission-free fractional single stock solutions on the shares of illustrious US, UK, French, German, Dutch, Hong Kong, and Australian corporations.

Additionally, FXCM creates a single instrument that may be traded in up to 16 baskets of shares and incorporates the shares of multiple firms from the same industry.

Due to increased consumer spending in November because of the approaching Christmas season, traded stock prices did not change significantly.

Tesla, Apple, and Google, the typical top three, have maintained their positions, while Hong Kong-listed stocks have fallen, with just Tencent and Alibaba making it into the top 10. Additionally, NVIDIA and AMD’s admission into the top 10 indicates that their popularity improved last month.

The stock basket hasn’t changed much overall; US and Chinese technologies continue to lead, producing the same outcome as in October. Interest in US Banks and Cannabis increased, while Work from Home and Crypto Stocks seemed to be losing ground.

Please read the table below for a full ranking of FXCM’s selection of Single Stock CFDs and the premium Stock Basket product line.

Top 10 Single Share CFDs 

1. Tesla Inc (
2. Apple (
3. Google (
4. META Platforms (
5. (
6. Netflix (
7. Tencent (
8. AMD (
9. Alibaba (HK) (
10. NVIDIA (

Top 10 proprietary Stock Baskets

1. Big US Tech (FAANG)
2. China Tech (CHN.TECH)
3. Biotech (BIOTECH)
4. Big China Tech (ATMX)
5. China Ecommerce (CHN.ECOMM)
6. US Banks (US.BANKS)
7. Cannabis (CANNABIS)
8. Work From Home (WFH)
9. Airlines (AIRLINES)
10. Crypto Stocks (Cryptostock)

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