The BluePrint Capital Review

Brokerages are under the same pressures as all other businesses in the market. There was a time when people valued good service and solid support but those days are long gone. Let’s face it, everyone wants to save money, even if it means getting second-rate customer service or a website that looks like it was designed in 1995.

Also, you can’t really blame every brokerage for this; how can they compete with free services? How could they give better rates than 0% commission back? You have no choice but to lower your quality and improve your online presence to get more customers. It is hard not to see why some of them go with the flow but at the same time, you can’t blame them for doing their job.

It is hard to say what qualities a brokerage should have, as every person values something else and has different priorities in life. However, most people would agree that a brokerage should have an easy-to-use website (how hard is it to make sure your site looks good in modern browsers?), at least 24/5 customer support service and the ability to communicate with clients at all times (investors expect their brokers to be available).

To be honest, these are not the qualities most brokerages hold today and I guess they never will at any time soon. But every industry has its rules of conduct and you would expect all brokerages to follow them anyway. There is no reason why high-quality services could cost more than low-quality ones. Free stuff does sound good in theory but when it comes to anything else, one can’t help thinking: “If a service is for free, then what do they really expect from us?”

In fact, trading is one of those businesses where quality matters. You need to be tuned in and up-to-date with the latest market news and trends otherwise you may lose your shirt. Therefore, it makes sense to have access to a brokerage that will not only provide solid support but also help you reach your goals in life.

If we fast forward 10 years from now, I’m sure we will see something even more innovative than today’s cryptocurrencies. It looks like the way how people perceive money and finances is about to change dramatically which would inevitably affect stockbrokers as well (in a positive way). Maybe brokerages are going through hard times right now but they should embrace new technologies instead of rebelling against them – this is how they can stay in business.

If you ask me, the future is bright for brokers who make an effort to change things up a bit. It is not about lowering your quality or nitpicking on every detail but providing a solid service at fair prices. Today, in order to help you all out find a broker that will work for you, I will describe my forex platform in detail, stating most of the pros and cons. So it has been many years now that I am working with The BluePrint Capital. Let us quickly dive in to see what the broker is like in reality.

The BluePrint Capital Brand Review

The BluePrint Capital Brand Review

– Speed – this applies both to trading speed and account funding speed. A good broker shouldn’t take a long time to fulfil your order; otherwise, you’ll end up cancelling it and trying somewhere else. Regarding account funding, retail banks still beat most brokerages on speed. I like how here at The BluePrintCapital, they actually invest in making the speed better.

– Liquidity – the more liquidity the better, especially when you deal with EAs or trading systems. I am glad that they have all major currency pairs covered here; sometimes it makes sense to diversify your portfolio and convert cash back into fiat later on.

– Account funding – most brokerages allow you to fund your account using one method. This is not particularly applaudable as you are limited in your choice. With The BlueprintCapital, you can fund your account via bank wire, Maestro and MasterCard. Definitely better than having a limited range of choices but this can be improved further. PayPal would be a good addition here.

– Support – one of the most important qualities for any kind of business. I always make sure that I have staff available most of the time, that could help me at any time; it makes things easier. Here, I found their support to be quite helpful and responsive. Once, I needed a little bit of help with an issue that had to do with my account and they responded within 2 hours. They have staff that are always ready to answer your questions in the live chat. Additionally, you can also give them a call or send an email.  However, I find the live chat to be the quickest way of contacting them.  The staff is very friendly and helpful in every way they can.

The BluePrint Capital Brand Platform

The BluePrint Capital Brand Platform

– Education – as far as I know, the platform is not offering any new educational material which covers topics that have started trending just recently. Still, you can find all the necessary information regarding online trading here. The ebooks should be available in different formats such as ePUB or PDF. Also, you will barely come across any video tutorials. This is something that can be improved upon.

– Mobile apps – this is a feature that many brokerages have both for Android and iOS users. As far as I know, The BluePrintCapital has not introduced any such feature. However, it is good to know that many brokerages have started working on mobile apps lately which means that we could soon see something really revolutionary in this regard.

– Technology – this is a broad category but an important one nonetheless. The BluePrint Capital is definitely a web-based brokerage that really shines in this category. Their platform has most of the features you need to succeed at online trading. The platform is really nice, fast and it looks great as well. The company keeps upgrading their software off and on to make sure that the platform is always up to date with the latest technologies and the hackers don’t exploit any potential weaknesses.

– Trading tools – we all need trading tools in order to succeed. That is why it is crucial for us to know what kind of trading tools we can expect when opening a new brokerage account. The BlueprintCapital offers different types of charts such as an area chart, bar chart and a candlestick chart. You can trade with candlesticks as well, which is great for anyone who wants to trade with the help of a system. In addition to that, you can also configure the chart to show you exactly what you need.

The BluePrint Capital Brand Assets

The BluePrint Capital Brand Assets

– Trading conditions – The BlueprintCapital offers quite good trading conditions.  There are minimum commissions for both deposits and withdrawals. The spreads are quite tight, which makes your trading experience better in general and the limit orders are always active.

– Personal Account Manager – this is my favourite feature at The BlueprintCapital.  A very small number of other brokerages provide you with such service. Here, your account manager will watch over your account, help you with any issue that has to do with it and motivate you as well. Just be honest about everything and let them know how your progress is going and you will receive help from them as soon as possible.

– User interface – I believe that this is an area in which The BlueprintCapital really stands out.  The interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. It takes you around 10 minutes to get used to everything and then use the platform without any problems. The layout of the website makes it convenient for you to find the section that interests you. They update the user interface from time to time and it really pays off.

-Anti Money Laundering Policy – The BlueprintCapital has a strong AML policy to maintain the integrity of its trading platform. You can view the full Anti-Money Laundering Policy on the website. Once you go through it, you will feel happy about the transparency shown and I think this is how it should be because there is no place for such shady business practices. All firms that have flawed AML policies should be banned from trading.

Final Remarks

The BluePrintCapital is a great choice for both beginners and professional traders in my opinion. This broker is number one on my list because they are transparent and provide some amazing services that allow us to take our online trading experience to the next level. Everyone knows that there are plenty of brokers out there. Since you can’t try them all, you need to find the best one and stick with it if you are serious about making money. I hope that this The BlueprintCapital review will help you get a better idea of the brokerage and find out whether or not they are the right choice for you.

Disclaimer: This review is written from a third-party and is solely based on their own experience and self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation or advice of any sort.

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