TD Ameritrade introduces improvements to thinkorswim

In the second half of 2022, TD Ameritrade will launch a number of new features and services to its thinkorswim trading product suite as it continues to advance its integration with Schwab.

Whether they trade on a PC, a mobile device, or the web, thinkorswim users now have a variety of additional features and tools at their disposal to make their trading experience more informed, simplified, and current.

Charles Schwab announced plans to embrace thinkorswim in August 2020, following the announcement of its acquisition of TD Ameritrade, and to include its trading platforms, educational materials, and tools into its own trader offering. Later in 2023, the thinkorswim platform will go to Schwab.

“We are working diligently to ensure a successful transition for TD Ameritrade clients moving to Schwab, while at the same time delivering innovation that ensures the best possible trading experience on thinkorswim,” said Barry Metzger, Head of Trading and Education, Charles Schwab. “In addition to our focus on all of the necessary backend work to keep things running smoothly for clients throughout the integration, these latest enhancements to the thinkorswim product suite are a reflection of our commitment to deliver new functionality that traders want.”

In the second half of 2022, new thinkorswim improvements will be made, including:

thinkorswim Desktop:

  • Predictive text makes searching in the Live News Search input simpler. Customers may now click the “tag” icon in the Live News gadget’s upper right corner, begin typing, and watch the magic unfold.
  • With the brand-new Gann Fans sketching tool, there are new ways to illustrate potential outcomes. Each line in this tool is based on a defined ratio produced by a numerator representing time units and a denominator representing price units; this ratio determines the slope (or angle) of the line. The lines “spread out” from a single start point.

thinkorswim Mobile:

  • More customization, including the option to change the colour of a watchlist symbol and the order ticket based on market activity.
  • With the ability to establish order defaults in the mobile Order Editor, which will then immediately sync to the thinkorswim Web and desktop platforms, the trading experience is more unified.
  • A trade ticket that is more user-friendly, has order ticket customization, and offers a new trade confirmation experience.

thinkorswim Web:

  • With the option to copy and paste orders from the thinkorswim Web user interface, sharing and saving tasks are made simpler.
  • With historical dividends directly displayed on charts, it is simpler to get long-term context.
  • Option spreads are shown more simply as a single grouping integrated into a single line item rather than as multiple legs.
  • 16 more studies have been added to the library, providing customers with more information at their fingertips.
  • A streamlined version of the Scan tool, which was previously only accessible on the thinkorswim desktop platform, enables clients to quickly filter through thousands of stocks based on their own search criteria.

Along with these thinkorswim modifications, major improvements to the digital trading environment on are imminent, making it simpler for customers to find, place, and track trades. You can read more about the broker in our TD Ameritrade Review.

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