Spotware introduces copy trading to the latest version of cTrader Desktop

Now, users have access to over a thousand strategies for copy-trading. Spotware recently added a shared account feature for cTrader Mobile Web and Desktop.

Spotware Systems, an electronic trading technology provider based in Cyprus, has added copy trading to cTrader Desktop’s latest update to its desktop trading platform. Numerous manual trading updates were made to the new version 4.5, as well as improvements to cTrader Automate (the firm’s algorithmic trading platform).

Spotware shared a statement that noted that this feature and other improvements were “user-requested”. This means that cTrader users can now access “a thousand strategies” as well as “intellectual filters and one-click copy trade start.” This feature was previously available only on cTrader Mobile and Web.

“cTrader Automate also saw its share of updates with the new cBot backtesting charting mode, ability to evaluate margin amount required to open a position, as well as the convenience of trading sessions,” Spotware explained.

The firm added, “For manual trading, one can observe the new Smart Position Closing feature, the updated Tick Volume Indicator and direct, on-the-chart interaction with standard and custom indicators for maximum convenience.”

Alexander Strelnikov, Spotware’s Head of Product, mentioned that the new desktop version of cTrader will be of great help to “those looking to follow experienced traders – learning and earning from their expertise in Copy Trading, as well as those who prefer Automated and Manual methods.”

Spotware’s new cTrader Dekstop 4.5 release is more than a month following the introduction of a shared account feature for cTrader Mobile by way of a version 4.6 update. This feature was introduced to cTrader Web earlier in October via a version 4.4.

Using the shared account feature of cTrader Mobile users can now share, revoke, and reject trading accounts. This gives portfolio managers the ability to trade for them. The firm also stated that they can do the same thing with the desktop version and place orders directly from the main toolbar.

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