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TIO Markets is a regulated trading broker that provides you with a unique subscription-based model for trading online via the intuitive and powerful MetaTrader platforms for desktop, web and mobile. You can trade 300+ CFD instruments in markets including forex, stocks, commodities and indices. This enables you to speculate on falling and rising prices without needing to physically own the underlying asset. I found the broker to have tight spreads and execution speeds within milliseconds. It is good to see they welcome all trading styles and strategies, including scalping, news trading and automated systems. If you are a beginner then the suite of educational resources and step-by-step guides can help you to learn how to trade effectively. You can also get actionable insights via Trading Central to make better informed trading decisions. It takes just a few minutes to create an account with the broker and you can choose from some convenient and fast funding options. If you would like to try them out before making a financial commitment, free demo accounts are available.

Pros & Cons

  • Trade 300+ Instruments in the Forex, Indices, Stocks and Commodity Markets
  • User-friendly trading platforms for web, desktop and mobile devices
  • Industry leading market analysis provided by Trading Central
  • Comprehensive market analysis and webinars
  • Lots of educational content for beginners including guides and videos
  • Competitive trading conditions and ultra-fast order execution speeds
  • Good variety of payment options for fast deposits & withdrawals
  • Zero fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Free demo practice accounts
  • Islamic accounts for Muslim traders
  • Solid 24/5 customer support
  • Limited non-FX trading instruments compared to some brokers
  • Inactivity fees if you are not trading enough
  • Cannot accept clients from some countries
  • No contact telephone number provided (call back available)


TIO Markets is an online broker that lets you trade CFDs on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. They offer you competitive trading conditions including tight spreads from zero pips, low commission fees, access to professional trading tools and some other exclusive benefits. I like that the broker utilises ultra‑low‑latency networks that give you the opportunity to enter and exit trades within milliseconds, thus helping to ensure that you get the prices you want with minimal re-quotes or slippage. They use some world-leading banks and liquidity providers for the best possible spreads and execution speeds at all times. You can trade the world’s financial markets with ultra-low fees on a secure online trading platform. There are no account funding fees which is great whilst I was impressed to see the customer support team have taken the time to respond to feedback online, both positive and negative.

AvaTrade Logo

Our #1 Broker 2023

AvaTrade is an award-winning and multi-regulated broker offering a great selection of trading instruments including Forex, Cryptos, Stocks and Commodities. You can trade on all of your devices via user-friendly platforms with excellent trading conditions and no commission fees.

Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


Regulation is one of the first things that I look for when I am choosing a broker. I would always prefer to use a regulated broker as it gives me the peace of mind that they must operate in an honest and transparent manner in order to comply with the regulators. I am pleased to see that TIO Markets UK Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whilst they also have a global brand TIO Markets Ltd that is registered by the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA). Of course, not all regulation is considered equal and protection can therefore differ depending on each entity. I personally consider the FCA regulation to be top-tier and thus wouldn’t have any problem using the broker myself.


TIO Markets financial services are not directed or intended for distribution to or use by residents of certain countries/jurisdictions including, but not limited to, USA & OFAC. The brokerage holds the right to alter the aforementioned list of countries at its own discretion. If your country is not accepted by the broker for whatever reason, please feel free to utilise our broker comparison tool for some alternative options.


TIO Markets give you a choice between the robust MT4 and MT5 platforms. I like these platforms as they are freely available across desktop, web and mobile (iOS & Android), enabling you to analyse the markets, spot opportunities and trade on multiple devices from one account. They include charts, real time price quotes, news streams, and multiple order execution options. Spreads on the broker’s MetaTrader platforms are variable, with quotes from some of the world’s leading banks and liquidity providers to help ensure you can get access to favourable trading conditions at all times. Whether you are trading manually or planning on using automated trading systems, MetaTrader can do it all. I use the desktop platform mainly for analysing charts and running expert advisors (EAs). The trading app is ideal for managing your account and following the markets from the palm of your hands at any time.

MetaTrader Platforms

MetaTrader Platforms

I still prefer MT4 over MT5 because I have used it for many years and it can do everything that I need it to and more. That being said, both platforms are very similar so if you learn how to use one of them, you shouldn’t have any issue using the other. They have everything you need to follow the markets, conduct analysis of your charts and to manage your positions. I think they are easy to navigate whilst you can customise the platforms to be as simplistic or complex as you need them to be. One of the main advantages of choosing MetaTrader, is that you will find it is available from most brokers. Therefore, should you decide to switch providers down the line, you won’t need to learn how to use another platform from scratch.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MT4 is considered by many experts and professionals as the world’s original online trading platform, which is one of the reasons why millions of traders from all over the world still choose MT4 to this day. It is regarded as the industry-standard amongst traders and brokers, primarily due to its simplicity and ease-of-use. I also like how it has a wide range of trading features and built-in tools for fast and efficient trading. This includes a variety of technical indicators for detailed chart analysis and support for multiple order types along with automated trading via the use of expert advisors (EAs). You will also find plenty of add-ons both free and paid from within the MQL marketplace which you can access from directly within the platform. For those of you who have some coding skills, there is a programming interface where you can develop your own trading tools or you could always hire someone to do it for you. The possibilities with the MetaTrader platforms are practically endless.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platforms

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platforms

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Features

  • Complete control over a trading account
  • Access anywhere and anytime
  • All order types and MetaTrader 4 execution modes
  • 3 types of charts: Bars, Japanese Candlesticks and line
  • 30 technical indicators
  • 24 analytical objects
  • Financial market news
  • Reliable data protection
  • History of trading operations

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

MT5 is a slightly more advanced version of MT4 with additional features that improve its overall trading capabilities. It gives instant market access and a vast array of possibilities for trading, market analysis and strategy automation. Whilst it maintains the overall look and feel of MT4, I like how it also has additional chart timeframes, more technical indicators, level 2 depth of market pricing, an economic calendar and much more. I think this platform may be preferable to those of you who are planning on trading stocks and have complex trading strategies. If you just want to trade forex with some basic templates, then MT4 should do the job just as well. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with the MetaTrader platforms. Both trading platforms are easy to use and you can trade all markets on either of them.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platform

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platform

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Features

  • Powerful trading system
  • Advanced market depth feature
  • Tick chart and time & sales information
  • Separate accounting of orders and traders
  • 30 built-in indicators and 24 analytical objects
  • Support of all types of trading orders and execution modes
  • One click trading
  • Send trading orders straight from price chart of market depth window


To be honest, I feel that the provided MetaTrader platforms will have more than enough tools to satisfy the needs of most retail traders. If you would like a better variety of trading tools, you can get plenty from the MQL marketplace and build your own in the MQL language. However, it is also great to see the broker provide you with some additional tools which I think can help to enhance the overall trading experience. There are tools for analysing the markets, finding trade opportunities and keeping up to date with the latest news. All of these elements put together can help you to make more informed trading decisions.

Trading Central

My favourite tool you can get via TIO Market is undoubtably the market analysis from Trading Central. You can receive award-winning daily analysis of forex, stocks, indices and commodities markets with reports from this excellent third-party software that is widely regarded as one of the bets in the industry for automated analysis. Access fresh trading ideas, twice daily, or simply review the hottest market news. Benefit from unbiased research, given for free to holders of the TIO Markets VIP and VIP Black trading account types, offering trading conditions from $0 commissions per lot and tight spreads. Just keep in mind that you need to deposit at least $500 to your trading account in order to get access.

Trading Central

Trading Central

Trading Central Features

  • Daily US commodities
  • European market outlook
  • ‘Before the bell’ stock ideas
  • Weekly economic agenda
  • Weekly small cap
  • Hot market news
  • End of day S&P
  • Daily FX trade ideas
  • Get daily trading ideas & signals
  • For forex, stocks, indices & commodities markets
  • Includes European and US session market outlooks

Economic Calendar

You can stay informed and up to date with global events and data releases with the economic calendar. The economic calendar is a list of upcoming events that may affect the price movement of a specific asset. The events are often economic data releases, such as unemployment figures, retail sales, consumer price indices and interest rate announcements, that can move the market. I think this is a great tool for fundamental analysis and I would always try to check it before making a trade decision. If you don’t want to keep switching between tabs to check the calendar, you can use the built-in calendar included with MT5. It helps traders track important data releases and events, as well as their results. Knowing what is going on in the market can help you make more informed trading decisions.

Market Analysis

I always like to see a broker that has frequently updated market analysis as it can be a very helpful way to inspire trade ideas. You can get smart technical and fundamental analysis, daily market news and trading ideas from people with experience. Receive the latest market information for forex, indices, stocks and commodities to help you make better informed trading decisions. You can easily view the latest technical insights on a range of popular instruments, receiving actionable advice from the award-winning Trading Central analysts.

Trading Signals

You can get access to regulated signals from Trading Central. I like how they are sent via instant alerts to your mobile device so you don’t need to sit around watching charts all day long. It can save time by utilising the analysis of experienced traders. There is a user-friendly interface for the signals which is simple to use. This can be a way to diversify and get signals for multiple asset classes. If you deposit more than $500 you get unlimited signals or 3 signals per day if you deposit less. I would always be sure to confirm each and every signal with my own market analysis. I certainly wouldn’t take them blindly and remember, there can be no guarantee on results. Past performance is no indication of what will happen in the future.

Trade Calculators

You can use a set of free practical trading calculators to assist with your trading strategy.

Profit calculator

The profit calculator helps you to assess the potential profit (or loss) of a trade idea.

Currency conversion calculator

The currency conversion tool calculates the value of one currency against another currency.

Pip Value calculator

The pip value calculator helps you to determine the value of a pip for a currency pair or symbol based on the lot size to be traded.

Margin calculator

Use the margin calculator to calculate how much margin is required to open a trade.

Sentiment Dial

There is a collection of handy little sentiment dials that help traders understand and act on pricing behaviour. You can see how many trades are buying or selling a particular instrument which can be a great way to gauge in what direction people think the market may be heading. This can be used as part of a contrarian trading strategy unless you prefer to follow the crowd.


TIO Markets help you learn how to make informed trading decisions and how to spot new trading opportunities with a great selection of news, analysis and training.

Trading Videos

There is a selection of trading videos on the broker’s website that covers a number of topics such as how to open an account, what the forex market is, trading strategies, important terminologies and more. You can conveniently watch the collection of videos all in one place, created for all traders of all skill levels. Featuring leading educators and experienced traders providing you with market analysis, guides, strategies and much more. I like how the broker records webinars so that you can watch them and learn on demand. Overall, there is plenty of content to bring beginners up to speed with everything.

Trading Blog

The TIO Markets blog contains some interesting and useful trading guides that cover the latest market news along with market analysis which can help you stay informed with the latest market movements across selected assets. I found there to be some very useful trading tips and resources available through these insightful articles written by professional traders.


TIO Markets let you trade on a good variety of 300+ trading instruments across multiple asset classes including forex, stocks, energies, indices and metals. Whilst there is enough choice to build a diversified portfolio with something for everyone’s interests, I found the broker’s non-FX trading instruments to be lacking when compared to some other brokers such as Freedom24 who have thousands of instruments in comparison.


The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with an estimated daily turnover of over $6 trillion. Trade the major, minor and exotic currency pairs 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. Learn more


Indices are a great way of getting exposure to the broader stock market without having to trade individual stocks. Indices track the value of a group of stocks within a particular country, industry or market segment. You can trade major stock indices from the US, UK, Asia, Australia and Europe.


Go long or short your favorite companies and global brands with stock CFDs. Buy and sell share CFDs in companies like Apple, Amazon and Tesla based on how you think they will perform. Trade using leverage if you wish and take advantage of both rising and falling prices with the benefit of tight spreads.


Energy markets such as oil and gas are a crucial part of the global economy. The price of energy is heavily influenced by consumption and geopolitical events, making them a simple asset class to follow and trade. With TIO Markets, trade energy products like crude oil and natural gas and take advantage of rising and falling prices.


Precious metals such as gold and silver are considered as safe haven assets by many investors. During times of uncertainty and during inflationary environments, they can be a great store of value and even increase in value. Trade gold, silver, platinum and palladium CFDs using leverage with very competitive trading conditions.


TIO Markets have plans to suit investors of different investment sizes and experience levels. There is a $50 minimum deposit requirement and demo practice accounts are available. The broker offers zero commissions and spreads from 0 pips on the VIP Black subscription with no hidden costs. You can choose a trading account according to your needs and start trading within minutes. If you are unsure what account is suitabel for you, there is a handy account comparison table on the brokers website where you can compare account types and select the one which best suits your trading style.


This is a basic account suitable for all trading styles and budgets. It has a reasonable commission fee and decent spreads. It is not the cheapest option out there but not the worst I have seen. If you aren’t too fussed about spreads and don’t mind paying a small commission fee, it should do the job for you.

  • $5 commission per lot
  • Standard spreads
  • Limited access to TIOsignals app
  • Ultra fast execution speeds
  • Trade forex, stocks, indices & commodities
  • MT4 & MT5 trading platforms
  • Free deposits available
  • Free withdrawals available
  • 24/5 customer support


The VIP account lets you trade with tighter spreads and an even lower commission fee. I think this could be a better option if you are planning on using scalping strategies or automated systems that require tight spreads. It will also give you access to the excellent Trading Central features which I think are well worth it.

  • $2 commission per lot
  • VIP spreads
  • Free access to TIOsignals app
  • Technical analysis from Trading Central
  • Ultra fast execution speeds
  • Trade forex, stocks, indices & commodities
  • MT4 & MT5 trading platforms
  • Free deposits available
  • Free withdrawals available
  • 24/5 customer support

VIP Black Account

This is the brokers flagship account with the most competitive trading conditions. This is my preferred account type as it has the lowest spreads and commissions overall. If you are looking for nothing but the best and trading full time, you will probably want to consider this as the option for the most professional of traders.

  • $0 commission per lot
  • Raw spreads
  • Free access to TIOsignals app
  • Technical analysis from Trading Central
  • Ultra fast execution speeds
  • Trade forex, stocks, indices & commodities
  • MT4 & MT5 trading platforms
  • Free deposits available
  • Free withdrawals available
  • 24/5 customer support

Islamic Accounts

If you observe the Islamic faith and wish to trade in the financial markets, you will be pleased to know that TIO Markets can provide you with an Islamic trading account. An Islamic trading account is a standard trading account minus the interest, which is prohibited under the Islamic faith. However, there are other fees which may apply instead.

PAMM Accounts

A PAMM trading account is an investment service that allows investors to invest in a fund managed by an experienced trader. The trader who manages the fund invites investors to join and receives a certain percentage of the profits made for the investors. The investor does not have to make any decisions or perform trading operations themselves.

Demo Accounts

A demo trading account allows you to start trading without an initial investment and experience the markets, without risk in a simulate environment. You can create your demo account and practice trading with up to $50,000 in virtual funds. This can be a great way to see if the broker has suitable trading conditions for your strategies.


The TIO Markets support team are on standby 24/5 via email or live chat to help you with trading, funding, withdrawals or anything else that you may need help with. Unfortunately, I could not find a contact telephone number on the broker’s website which is disappointing as you may wish to speak with someone directly in the case of an emergency. I would’ve also liked to see them offer 24/7 support like other top brokers such as Trading 212.


TIO Markets provides you with convenient, safe and secure deposits and withdrawals from anywhere in the world. All withdrawals are processed within hours, giving you fast and easy access to your funds. The broker accepts account funding via bank transfer, card and digital wallets.

Please note that some methods may only be available to specific countries and not all are available for both deposit and withdrawal. Some third-party fees may be charged when using certain payment methods. The withdrawal time can vary depending on the payment provider and method. Bank transfers may take a few business days to clear whilst some methods can be instant.

TIO Markets strictly do not accept third-party payments. All funds deposited into your trading account must be under the same name as your trading account. I like this rule as it can help to prevent any fraudulent behaviour.


Overall, I like what TIO Markets has to offer. They have both MetaTrader platforms and Trading Central which is everything you need for easy access to analyse and trade the markets. There are educational guides and videos for beginners. You can choose from flexible trading accounts with tight spreads, low commission fees and quick execution speeds. This makes them suitable for all trading styles. There are some additional trading tools which can help prepare you for trading and free demo accounts give you an easy way to trial the broker without making a commitment. I think they could improve by adding some more trading instruments but if you are primarily looking to trade forex in a regulated environment, they are certainly worth consideration.

TIO Markets Review


TIO Markets is a regulated trading broker that offers CFD trading on the MetaTrader platforms along with professional trading tools and market analysis to help you make informed trade decisions.

Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

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