Evolve Markets Review

Evolve Markets is a Crypto trading platform delivering secure and convenient access to global markets including Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Stocks. They provide traders with the proprietary Evolve Markets platform and the ever-popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms for web, desktop and mobile devices. You can create an account in less than a minute and deposit crypto for instant access to leveraged margin trading with competitive trading conditions such as low fees, tight spreads and fast execution speeds.

Pros / Cons
  • User-friendly Evolve Markets & MetaTrader platforms
  • Multiple asset classes available to trade online
  • Quick account opening process
  • Bitcoin-based online trading
  • Cryptocurrency specialist with crypto settlements
  • Accounts in BTC, LTC, ETH or USDT
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Low commission, tight spreads & fast market execution
  • Flexible leverage
  • 24/7 support via email and social media
  • Unregulated brokerage
  • Crypto funding only
  • Limited educational materials

In this detailed Evolve Markets review, our online broker research team have covered some of the most important aspects for you to consider when choosing the best broker for your online trading needs.

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Evolve Markets Overview

Evolve Markets aim to offer online traders the best of both worlds. With Evolve Markets you get to access the global markets with an institutional trading infrastructure, liquidity and the freedom of Cryptocurrencies. You can deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Tether, and trade Cryptocurrencies, Forex and other CFDs on the user-friendly Evolve Markets, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms.

Evolve Markets Broker Features

Evolve Markets Broker Features

Evolve Markets launched in late 2016, founded by a team of early bitcoin adopters and FX brokerage operation veterans. The brokerage takes the traditional brokerage model to the next generation with cryptocurrency for deposit and trade settlement. They consider themselves to be a traditional Forex broker although their primary business is crypto trading and liquidity development with their BTCUSD contract, their largest volume traded asset.

Evolve Markets Platform

Evolve Markets Platform

Evolve Markets use straight through processing (STP) and electronic communication network (ECN) execution models for Forex, commodities and index CFDs. The STP model sends all your orders directly to their liquidity providers, without any intervention of a dealing desk. The broker should only benefit from the spread difference ensuring there is no conflict of interest. Trade execution speeds should be fast due to the brokers location in the #1 financial data center in the world, combined with their extensive global infrastructure network.

Evolve Markets Regulation

Evolve Markets Ltd. is incorporated in St. Vincent & the Grenadines as an International Broker Company with the registration number 23498 IBC 2016. As a registered IBC (International Business Company), they must satisfy all regulatory requirements and necessary compliances under IBC jurisdiction worldwide. They do not carry a regulatory brokerage or financial license in any jurisdiction. This allows them to offer higher leverage, a diverse array of trading instruments and cryptocurrency deposit trading accounts.

The broker applies cryptography and advanced encryption across all levels of their organization and all levels of infrastructure; client data and funds are protected in a level above everyone else, and the broker states that they go the extra mile to ensure utmost security and protection with any of their infrastracture.

  • 100% Cold Storage: All incoming deposits go directly into cold storage. The broker states that private keys are never exposed to online machines.
  • No Automated or API Sending: They constantly monitor systems for signs of suspicious activity and employ a human-in-the-loop procedure for processing withdrawals.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Users benefit from additional security that is provided by the second layer authentication.

Evolve Markets Countries

Evolve Markets does not provide services to residents of any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.

Some Evolve Markets broker features and products mentioned within this Evolve Markets review may not be available to traders from specific countries due to legal restrictions.

Evolve Markets Platforms

Evolve Markets trading instruments are accessible via the proprietary Evolve Markets platform, MetaTrader 4 and the MetaTrader 5 trading terminals. You can choose between using the MetaTrader platform on your desktop or mobile device, or simply use the WebTrader which launches directly in your web browser without needing to download or install any software.

Evolve Markets Platform

Clients can access global markets on the Evolve Markets platform which is available anywhere on every device. You can access the brokers intuitive trading platform via web, desktop and mobile devices for trading whilst on the go.

Evolve Markets Evolve Trading Platform

Evolve Markets Evolve Trading Platform

The Evolve WebTrader is a lightweight and fast online trading platform with an intuitive modern interface and a wide array of tools, indicators and features for a comfortable online trading experience, regardless of your experience level.

Evolve Markets Webtrader Platform

Evolve Markets Webtrader Platform

MetaTrader 5

Evolve Markets offer clients the popular and powerful MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform. MT5 can run on desktop or directly in most modern web browsers. There is also the MT5 trading app on iOS and Android devices for traders who wish to access their account and trade whilst on the go.

The MT5 platform features include:

  • Real time quotes in market watch window with level 2 depth of market (DOM) pricing
  • Fully customisable user interface
  • Trading strategy templates
  • Multiple chart timeframes
  • Multiple order types
  • Technical indicators & graphical objects for chart analysis
  • Automated trading with expert advisors (EAs)
  • MQL programming interface to create custom indicators, scripts & EAs
  • Multi-currency strategy tester to back test EAs on historical data
Evolve Markets MetaTrader 5 Platform

Evolve Markets MetaTrader 5 Platform

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is very similar to MT5 with slightly less features and functionality yet it still remains one of the most popular online trading platforms for traders around the globe. It is very user friendly making it a suitable platform for beginner traders whilst having enough functionality to satisfy the more seasoned investors. MT4 is also available via desktop, web and mobile (iOS & Android). You will find that most brokers offer MT4 whereas MT5 is more limited.

Evolve Markets MetaTrader 4 Platform

Evolve Markets MetaTrader 4 Platform

Evolve Markets Trading Tools

The Evolve Markets platforms contain an abundance of tools for conducting thorough market analysis. They help to make trading online with the broker an enjoyable experience and should be more than enough to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding traders.

Evolve Markets Education

Unfortunately, Evolve Markets do not currently offer any educational materials to help beginner traders improve their trading skills or knowledge. This is slightly disappointing as most brokers tend to offer an educational centre to support new traders which includes tutorial videos, trading guides, webinars and more.

In saying that, the broker does have a blog section where they cover a range of topics related to their service. There is a help section on the brokers website that has plenty of answers to some of the most common questions you may have in relation to their services.

Evolve Markets Instruments

Evolve Markets have a good choice of trading instruments for you to choose from. You can trade Cryptocurrency, Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Indices markets online with Evolve Markets.


Trade 50 Forex Currency Pairs in the largest and the most liquid global market with over $5 trillion a day in trading volume.


Trade your opinion on 9 Commodities including metal and energy commodity markets with high liquidity and low spreads.


Get direct and instant access to 10 of the world’s largest stock indices with low spreads and lightning fast execution.


Trade 12 Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and leading altcoins with high leverage on Evolve Webtrader or MetaTrader.


Trade the world’s leading stock CFDs with Cryptos such as bitcoin, litecoin or tether, with high leverage, narrow spreads and fast execution speeds.

Evolve Markets Accounts & Fees

The broker currently offers one account type that has raw spreads and a small commission fee for trading all instruments on the provided platforms. Evolve Markets offer leverage up to 1:1000 on FX, 1:500 on Commodities, 1:50 on Cryptos. Accounts get STP/ECN market execution, 24 hour trading and no FIFO limits.

  • MT5 Fees: Cryptos 0.075%, Forex 0.0035%, Commodities 0.0035%, Indices 0.0035%
  • MT4 Fees: Cryptos 0.075%, Forex 0.0035%, Commodities 0.0035%, Indices 0.0035%
Evolve Markets Trading Fees

Evolve Markets Trading Fees

As broker fees can vary and change, there may be additional fees that are not listed in this Evolve Markets review. It is imperative to ensure that you check and understand all of the latest information before you open an Evolve Markets broker account for online trading.

Evolve Markets Support

Evolve Markets offer support through email 24/7, and chat support through social media platforms. There are a number of support articles on the brokers website that can get you instant answers to some commonly asked questions.

Evolve Markets Deposit & Withdrawal

You can deposit cryptos for free, quickly and easily into your Evolve Markets account. You can also withdraw your crypto profits anytime, without any fees and whilst keeping your financial privacy intact. There is a minimum withdrawal of 0.005 BTC / LTC.

Evolve Markets Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Evolve Markets Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Evolve Markets Account Opening

Opening an account with Evolve Markets is quick and easy. You just need to complete a short application form on the brokers website which should only take you a few minutes at most. Impressively, trading accounts are approved instantly and deposits confirmed in minutes. This means that you can be up and running much quicker than you could with many other brokers.

Evolve Markets Sign-Up

Evolve Markets Sign-Up

Evolve Markets FAQ

What is Evolve Markets minimum deposit?

Evolve Markets do not require a minimum deposit. Do however keep in mind that there is a 0.001 BTC minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin, 0.005 LTC for Litecoin, 0.01 ETH for Ether and 25 USDT for Tether.

The fact that there is no minimum deposit required means that you can try out the brokers platforms with minimal investment to see if they are suitable for your needs before committing more funds. Some brokers have a minimum deposit into the thousands!

How do I deposit money into Evolve Markets?

As a cryptocurrency focused broker, they currently accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Tether as deposit for trading. Deposits are not converted to fiat and your trading account will be stored and denominated in either BTC, LTC, ETH or USDT.

Deposits are automatically credited to your trading account after one blockchain confirmation for Bitcoin and Litecoin, and after 32 confirmations for Ethereum and Tether.

There are many exchanges the world over from which you can buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency with your bank account or bank card and it just depends on which country you reside in.

What are Evolve Markets deposit fees?

Evolve Markets do not charge any fees of any kind for depositing, holding an account balance, or withdrawing your funds.

How do I withdraw money from Evolve Markets?

You can receive payments from Evolve Markets via cryptocurrencies. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC, 0.005 LTC, 0.01 ETH and 25 USDT.

All withdrawals are processed manually from cold storage to ensure the highest level of security and are submitted to the blockchain usually within a few hours. However, you will need to allow up to 24 hours for withdrawal processing.

When you submit a withdrawal an approval email is sent to your user email for confirmation/approval. You must click the Approval button in email or the withdrawal request will expire in 15 minutes or else it will not go through.

What are Evolve Markets withdrawal fees?

All Evolve Markets withdrawals are free of charge as they cover the fees associated with the blockchain transactions.

What is Evolve Markets commission fee?

Evolve Markets trading fees are charged as a percent of the total contract (notional) value. The commission fee charged depends on the instrument you are trading.

  • Crypto: 075%
  • Forex: 0035%
  • Indices: 0035%
  • Commodities: 0035%
  • Stocks: 0035%

Are there any Evolve Markets inactivity fees?

No, Evolve Markets do not charge any inactivity fees.

What are Evolve Markets account types?

Evolve Markets keep things nice and simple, with one trading account for all traders. There is no minimum deposit to open the account which has flexible leverage, raw spreads and competitive commission fees.

Is there an Evolve Markets demo account?

Yes, there is an Evolve Markets demo account which is completely free to open. It comes preloaded with virtual funds which allows you to practice trading online, risk free. This can be a great way to familiarise yourself with the brokers trading platforms and master your trading strategies.

What are Evolve Markets spreads?

Evolve Markets have variable spreads that we found to be very tight and comparable to some of the best brokers that we have reviewed. The spread is the difference between the bid and ask price of an instrument. It is a fee you pay your broker for each trade.

They utilise the Straight Through Processing (STP) execution model for Forex, commodities and index CFDs. The STP model sends all of your orders directly to the brokers liquidity providers, without any intervention of a dealing desk. Therefore, they will only benefit from the spread difference ensuring there is no conflict of interest.

Evolve Markets state that their trade execution speed is among the fastest in the industry due to servers located in the #1 financial data center in the world, combined with an extensive global infrastructure network. This can help to ensure you get the best available bid/ask prices.

What is Evolve Markets leverage?

The maximum Evolve Markets leverage is up to 1:1000 for Forex, up to 1:500 for commodities and indices and up to 1:100 for stocks and crypto trading.

Leverage is expressed as a ratio, for example if your leverage is 1:100, this means that you can hold a position that is the 100 times the value of your trading account. E.g. If your account had a balance of $1000, you could take a position size of $100,000.

Although it may seem like leverage can increase the profit potential of a trade, it is important to consider that it will also greatly increase the potential loss. It is therefore very important that you have a clear understanding of leverage and how it works before taking any leverage positions.

What are Evolve Markets margin & stop-out levels?

The margin level determines the deposit that is required to keep open positions. To open and hold positions, a trader must have sufficient funds to secure it. Free margin determines the capital that remains on the account to open subsequent positions, and to cover the changes in the balance resulting from price movements from already opened positions.

A stop out is an automatic closure of a position at the current market rate. A stop out occurs when the margin requirement has been exceeded and the account balance is no longer sufficient to sustain all the opened positions. Evolve Markets Margin Call is set to 80% and Stop Out is at 30%.

To avoid a margin call you should check your account’s balance at all times and make sure you have the required funds in your account so that you can maintain your open positions.

Do Evolve Markets allow hedging, scalping & expert advisors?

Yes, Evolve Markets do not have any restrictions on trading strategies provided you do not breach the brokers terms and conditions. You can use expert advisors (EAs) on the MetaTrader platforms for automated trading.

Is there an Evolve Markets Islamic account?

No, Evolve Markets do not currently offer swap-free Islamic accounts.

What are Evolve Markets trading instruments?

Evolve Markets offer a range of markets for you to trade including CFDs on Forex, Cryptos, Indices, Commodities and Stocks. A contract for difference (CFD) is a financial derivative. CFDs enable you to speculate on rising or falling prices without taking ownership of the underlying asset.

How do I open an Evolve Markets live account?

You can open an Evolve Markets account in less than a minute and deposit crypto for instant access to leveraged margin trading. You just need to complete the short application form on the Evolve Markets website. You will then be sent a verification email along with your login credentials.

We found the Evolve Markets account opening process to be one of the fastest of all the brokers that we created an account with.

How do I verify my Evolve Markets account?

Some Evolve Markets features may require you to verify your account with a proof of identification (passport, driver’s license, identity card, etc) and proof of address (bank statement or utility bill, no more than 3 months old).

What is Evolve Markets trading platform?

Evolve Markets traders get access to a range of user-friendly trading platforms for desktop, web and mobile devices. You can choose between the popular MetaTrader platforms or the brokers proprietary Evolve Markets platform.

Where can I download Evolve Markets platform?

You can download the Evolve Markets MetaTrader platforms free of charge from the brokers website. The web platform runs directly in your web browser without the need to download or install any additional software. Additionally, you can download the MetaTrader apps from the relevant app store on your iOS or Android mobile device.

Where is Evolve Markets located?

Founded in 2016, Evolve Markets is registered in the St. Vincent & the Grenadines. This is a popular destination for online brokers.

Is Evolve Markets regulated?

Currently, Evolve Markets do not carry a regulatory brokerage or financial license in any jurisdiction. This allows them to offer higher leverage, a diverse array of trading instruments and cryptocurrency deposit trading accounts.

They are however a registered IBC (International Business Company), who state that they satisfy all regulatory requirements and necessary compliance under IBC jurisdiction worldwide.

What countries do Evolve Markets accept?

Evolve Markets welcome clients from around the globe, although you are not allowed to access or use their services if you are located, incorporated or otherwise established in countries or territories where the activity shall be specially licensed or regulated.

Is Evolve Markets a scam?

No, we do not believe Evolve Markets is a scam. They offer competitive trading products and services to clients around the globe.

How can I contact Evolve Markets support?

Evolve Markets customer support team can be reached 24/7 via email, online chat and social media.

Evolve Markets Summary

For traders who like to deal in Cryptocurrencies, Evolve Markets would be a popular choice. They provide most of the benefits of a normal trading broker such as access to the MetaTrader platforms and various markets whilst using cryptos as settlement. They also have their own proprietary Evolve Markets trading platform which is user-friendly and runs directly in your web browser.

The broker has very competitive trading conditions including low fees, tight spreads, instant market execution and 24/7 support. Furthermore, the platforms are packed with all the features and functionalities you need to start trading online.

Trading leveraged products such as Crypto Assets, Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, taking into account your investments objectives and level of experience, before trading, and if necessary seek independent advice.

Evolve Markets Logo

Min $1 Deposit

Evolve Markets is a Crypto based online brokerage that offers Forex, Crypto & Stock trading, with competitive trading conditions on the user-friendly Evolve Markets & MetaTrader platforms.