Review of Elite CurrenSea’s In-depth Guide to Forex Pricing Action

If you are a trader you will be familiar with price action but may not fully understand it. After all, price action is extremely broad and quite complicated for beginner Forex traders. Fortunately, there are various guides available on the internet that cover the topic in detail. But not all of them will be suitable for you. Most of the guides that we reviewed usually lack credibility, miss on some topics, or are written in an extremely difficult fashion – in a way that might seem confusing to an advanced trader even.

One of the most thorough and easy-to-read guides that we have encountered on Forex pricing action was designed and published by the famous European algo trading Fintech startup – Elite CurrenSea. The Elite CurrenSea guide on Forex pricing action is an extensive resource that was written by the CEO of the company itself – Christopher Svorcik. We will briefly introduce the guide to you and explain what it covers, how it covers and whether it is worth your time.

Elite CurrenSea guide on Forex price action

This price action guide covers every angle, from candlestick patterns to the path of least resistance to price swings. This guide provides a 360-degree view of all things related to price action. Although the article is more than 10,000 words long and has 50 pages, don’t let this scare you. The subheadings make it easy to browse the topics. The Elite CurrenSea price action guide for traders also features an overview of the contents right at the beginning so that you can select the subtopics you want.

The guide is divided into 14 major parts according to the subtopics of price action. It explains in-depth building blocks of charts, candlesticks along with the basics and its patterns, bearish and bullish reversal candlestick patterns and their continuation candlestick patterns, price swings together with its four types of price action, and how to identify the price swings, momentum, and correction. The last three topics cover price patterns, the path of least resistance, and flow versus resistance.

The structure of the guide

One of the best things about the guide is that it includes a great variety of visual material to assist the user in better grasping the ideas explained textually. Each subtopic comes with thoroughly explained concepts, bullet points and numbered lists of important aspects, data visualization in terms of simple graphs, and even video tutorials uploaded on YouTube.

The subtopics also come with divided sections according to the different parts of the topic. For instance, the Bearish Reversal Candlestick Patterns chapter covers 3 Black Crows, 3 Inside Down, Evening Star, Upside 2 Crows, Harami, Bearish Abandoned Baby, Meeting Line, Dark Cloud Cover, and Advance Block in separate sections. This structurization applies to every single chapter in the block making the guide one of the most complete resources on price action that can be found freely on the internet.

Additional resources

You will find many additional educational resources linked within the guide itself, for instance, detailed explanation articles on various topics such as guidance on support and resistance, a guide on strength of the flow, a separate article on the path of least resistance, etc. Hence, if you have an urge to explore any of the aspects even further you can easily navigate to its individual page on Elite CurrenSea’s website.

The Elite CurrenSea blog is updated on a regular basis and covers multiple topics related to price action. The visitors also have an opportunity to follow the ecs.LIVE for the daily trade setups and live analysis of the markets. The best thing about the guide is that it is completely free of charge in contrast to many downloadable online resources on price action that otherwise cost you money.

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