announces the Rare Sneaker Portfolio and commits fully to alternative investing

A first-of-its-kind alternative asset, chosen for investment potential and offered via an online investing platform targeted towards individual investors, has been introduced. It combines 77 pairs of renowned and rare sneakers into one investable asset. This works similarly to how ETFs for stocks work.

Public’s first attempt at the idea of combining assets like sneakers into a single alternative asset Portfolio is the Rare Sneaker Portfolio. This enables greater diversification and exposure to a wide range of categories.

The sneaker market is accessible to retail investors

The Rare Sneaker Portfolio allows investors and sneaker enthusiasts to make investments in the expanding sneaker resale market, which Cowen & Company predicts will reach $30 billion by 2030.

Instead of looking into whether specific pairs of sneakers would have the biggest appreciation value, the bundle offers investors a rare chance to gain wide exposure to the sneaker business.

A few examples of the types of sneakers that have entered the exclusive portfolio include culturally significant mainstays like the original Air Jordan Is, holy grails like the Nike Air Force 1 x Jay-Z “France” (only two pairs were ever made), and artist collaborations with KAWS, Tom Sachs, Virgil Abloh, and Futura.

Other examples include the 1985 Air Jordan I BRED ($16,250 recently), the Nike MAG ($63,300 recently), the Nike SB Low “Freddy Krueger” ($30,000 recently), and the FLOM Dunk ($56,139 recently). states that the following criteria were used to evaluate the sneakers in the Portfolio:

  • Size, with a preference for men’s sizes 9–13, the most sought-after sizes.
  • Cultural significance, i.e., affiliated with a celebrity, artist, athlete, or collector.
  • Scarcity, with some of the sneakers in the Portfolio having never been made available to the general public.

The Rare Sneaker Portfolio was the platform’s first alternative asset Portfolio, but it won’t be the last. is introducing new portfolios in the areas of art, trading cards, royalties, and real estate.

Using the newly acquired Otis, a top platform for investing in cultural assets and collectibles, the online platforms expects to introduce further Portfolios this year.

“We’re happy to be able to present creative new opportunities for our members to engage in alternative assets,” said Keith Marshall, General Manager of Alternatives at Public. While we’re starting with sneakers, we’re actively looking over Portfolios in a number of different categories. Because of the idea of curated Portfolios, our members won’t have to become specialists in any particular asset class to invest in things like art, trading cards, royalties, and real estate.

With Public, anybody can invest in stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and alternative assets like fine art and collectibles all in one spot. The company is renowned for refusing to accept payments from Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) or sell trades to market makers.

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