Post COVID Real Estate Trading Stocks to Look Out For

If you’re planning to invest in Real Estate as the world continues to battle its way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to undertake extensive research before you start.

In periods of such uncertainty, the stock market can be highly volatile. All traders should go in with significant understanding of the market and the potential risks involved in investing in the current climate.

However, as industries begin to open up and greater freedoms are permitted and economies begin to gather momentum once again after many months of restrictions, upticks may begin to appear in certain sectors.

For this reason, it may very well be that now is the time to look at some fresh investments.

So, how do you choose the best post COVID real estate trading stocks? In this article, fast home sellers Property Solvers look at a few techniques and pick three potential top performers to consider.

How to Choose Your Real Estate Investments Post COVID

The real estate landscape has transformed significantly since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, not least because the needs and requirements of the general public have changed.

For example, as a matter of course, real estate organisations that support online retail are performing well – as more people than ever are making purchases online.

According to Nareit, top real estate sectors in which to invest include data centres, infrastructure and industrial – so, if you’re seeking investment opportunities, these are some of the areas in which to look.

Projected recovery levels post-COVID have become a new metric when it comes to trading stocks. By attempting to successfully predict which firms are likely to perform well as the re-opening of society progresses, investors can get in “on the ground floor” as they take off.

Our Picks

We’ve chosen three organisations to represent real estate sectors in which traders may look to invest as they go from strength to strength post-pandemic.

Residential: Taylor Wimpey

As industrial real estate appears to be growing in popularity as economies re-open, success stories featuring residential specialists become more impressive.

While Taylor Wimpey has long been considered a popular investment when it comes to real estate stocks thanks to its position as one of the largest homebuilding companies in the UK, recent months have seen a further boom for this PLC.

Taylor Wimpey’s shares increased by 6% in the second and third quarters of 2021 – largely as the result of its vastly improved operating profit. The organisation managed to transform a loss of over $22 million in early 2020 into a profit of nearly $580,000,000 in the same period in 2021.

Industrial: Safestore Holdings PLC

Self Storage is often cited as another industry in which to invest, and this is certainly the case for Safestore Holdings. The company has seen a rise in stock price of over 37% since the beginning of 2021.

Another great indicator is its market cap, which saw a similar level of growth – again increasing by around 37%. These excellent statistics saw the firm named among the top performing industrial REITs of 2021 in terms of stocks.

Commercial: Hammerson PLC

This urban estates developer and investor currently enjoys a YTD percentage change of 33.68%.

With the opening up of urban retail and leisure complexes and spaces – and the company’s commitment to adaptability promising to meet the unique demands on cities following the pandemic – it appears as though this firm has a great deal of opportunity to grow further.

These are three very different organisations that may be considered by investors when looking to grow a portfolio post-pandemic.

With a range of firms rising to current challenges, and with economies on the up once again, tactical decisions on the part of traders may lead to exceptionally lucrative transactions as the world returns once again to a state of equilibrium.

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