Muslim traders can now open Islamic accounts using XM

Being a multinational broker with customers in over 190 nations, XM has mastered the art of localising its goods and services to satisfy the various demands of customers everywhere, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. During the past ten years, XM has established a strong presence in both markets and has been providing competitive Islamic accounts in order to meet the religious and cultural needs of traders in the area.

Islamic Sharia law forbids the accrual of interest, hence Muslim traders need swap-free accounts where they won’t have to pay or earn swaps.

The XM Islamic account is therefore fully tailored to provide swap-free trading without altering other terms. Account holders will have an equal opportunity to trade with small spreads, adjustable leverage, and no additional costs thanks to this.

XM respects a strict ethical obligation to maintain transparency and to disclose all relevant terms and restrictions. Trading participants can rest easy knowing that their accounts are always Islamic because this also applies to swap-free accounts.

This easy approach makes account verification quick and painless. Traders can immediately request swap-free status in the Members Area when the account has been validated.

All account types supplied and used on any trading platform, including the well regarded XM app, are eligible for Islamic certification. As a result, traders can take advantage of Ultra-Low accounts’ reduced spreads and Standard accounts’ bonus margin trading.

The vast educational tools offered by XM, which also include webinars, video tutorials, articles, analysis, and one-day hands-on training, are well-known. Together, they build a strong basis for traders to develop their abilities and make the most of their Islamic accounts, together with the company’s excellent customer service team. Whenever, Muslim traders are free to sign up for an Islamic account with XM.

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