MetaTrader (MT5) vs TradingView

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It’s crucial to keep in mind that TradingView is a charting program, but MetaTrader 5 is a trading platform when contrasting the two. Although MT5 has few trading options and an user-friendly interface, its high level of dependability and performance puts it in high demand in the modern world. There are several tools for market analysis, a variety of trading instruments, and a sleek design for both platforms. TradingView and MT5 are free to use, however TradingView requires a subscription to access extra features. Read on to find out which platform is best for your needs.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a social trading platform and research tool made exclusively for traders and investors . Operations began in 2011, and they now have offices in Russia, London, and New York City. TradingView impressively claims 30 million members worldwide and provides a free version (basic) to pre-paid subscriptions. The majority of TradingView’s income comes from the selling of adverts and inexpensive monthly memberships. As a result, TradingView is independent of your trading activity. The company’s main goal is to provide you with access to the right modern platforms and charting tools. TradingView may be accessed online and is operable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

TradingView Features

  • 100+ pre-built most popular indicators.
  • 50+ drawing tools.
  • The identification of candlestick patterns.
  • The ability to trade using multi-timeframes.
  • Stock market and Forex market screeners.


What is MetaTrader (MT5)?

One of the most well-known Forex trading platforms in the world is MetaTrader 5. Millions of traders utilize this trading platform each day, which is also known as MT5. It is an institutional, multi-asset, multi-functional trading platform that has managed to gain a lot of popularity among different types of traders.

This trading platform is accessible on a variety of gadgets, including tablets, PCs, and mobile phones. It has numerous built-in trading robots and indicators, and the user interface may be switched between up to 31 different languages. It is free to download through the broker you are currently using.

Due to its popularity, a lot of brokers provide traders with access to the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. You can start utilizing it with a MT5 broker’s trading account in just a few minutes.

MetaTrader 5 has numerous features that traders adore, but the finest feature is that it may be a fantastic option for both seasoned and new traders. The trading platform’s user interface is relatively simple to use and is suitable for traders of any experience level.

MT5 Features

  • Manual and automated trading
  • Easy to use on multiple devices
  • Free to download and widely available
  • Support different chart and order types
  • View real time prices on various timeframes
  • Lots of indicators for analysing charts
  • Large community to share ideas and tools with
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platforms

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platforms

MT5 vs TradingView: main differences

In terms of charting capabilities, a more fair comparison is between MetaTrader 5 and TradingView. There are 21 periods in MetaTrader 5. more than 80 built-in analytical and technical indicators. Although the software is designed for trading several assets, MT5 vs TradingView provides fewer trading instruments and charting capabilities. On the plus side, traders can download trading algorithms and extra indicators from the MetaTrader marketplace, which is not possible with TradingView.

It’s vital to keep in mind that TradingView and MetaTrader 5 may both function similarly, so a trader can conduct market analysis on TradingView and place orders on MT5. Nearly all of today’s publicly traded financial markets are accessible through TradingView. Although MetaTrader platforms are more dependable and offer the option to place orders directly on the charts, which is extremely convenient for intraday, high frequency traders, TradingView is more attractive and user-friendly.

MT5 vs TradingView: key points

TradingView is a charting platform, whereas MetaTrader Platforms are trading platforms. Although the MetaTrader platforms have a slightly dated user interface and few instruments and capabilities, they are very dependable, which accounts for their appeal. TradingView has a contemporary style and accessibility to the majority of financial marketplaces. Although the platform is free, traders must pay subscription fees to access more capabilities. Many traders use the TradingView software to study markets and the MetaTrader platforms to make orders.

Is TradingView or MT5 better?

The trader will determine the answer to that query. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. TradingView is very user-friendly and provides more analytical tools, while MT5 is more dependable and allows for immediate order placement. Many position traders operate on both platforms at once. TradingView is typically used for market analysis, whereas MT5 is utilized for placing orders. Both TradingView and MT5 platforms have sufficient tools and features that would be enough for a beginner trader. However, TradingView’s interface is more intuitive and user-friendly overall.

Conclusion: should I choose MT5 or TradingView?

Each of us trades differently and uses different strategies, budgets, and time limits. As a result, selecting the best platform often depends on the circumstances of each individual.

All investors should have a solid trading strategy, keep a trading record, and implement a risk-management system regardless of the trading platform they choose. Before you begin trading with real money, it is advisable to test any technique on a demo account. Choosing a trustworthy broker is equally essential, whether you use TradingView or MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

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