More news and research providers are added to the IBKR platform by Interactive Brokers

The IBKR platform now offers additional news and research providers thanks to electronic trading giant Interactive Brokers.

Customers of Interactive Brokers have access to numerous free and paid sources of market research and news. Recently, the brokerage added:

Market News (MNI): MNI specializes in providing news and intelligence for the international Forex and fixed income markets. For market experts and those looking to make financial decisions, the company offers actionable insight. Over the course of three decades, MNI has established a reputation for providing mission-critical information. They provide news as well as news analysis, relating breaking news to its impact on the stock market. The goal of MNI is to deliver “All Signal, No Noise.”

Eightfold Research: Independent equities research company Eightfold Research has locations in London and Tokyo. They assist international investors in finding possible long-term investment possibilities by publishing company research studies on small and mid-cap companies operating in all industries on the Japanese stock market.

KCR Kailash Behavioral Finance: A team with over 70 years of combined experience in the field of money management created the portfolio strategy and quantitative toolkits offered by KCR Kailash Behavioral Finance. KCR is a firm believer in streamlining and accelerating your investment process. It accomplishes this by disseminating digestible weekly newsletters. All of its work is supported by solid research that spans decades.

Market Chameleon: A stock and options trader’s research tool of choice is Market Chameleon. You may locate trading opportunities and do risk/reward analyses rapidly using the platform.

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