Monex will provide margin account services for US equities

Beginning on Monday, January 23, 2023, Monex, Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of electronic trading firm Monex Group Inc (TYO:8698), will start providing margin account services for US equities.

Monex distinguishes itself from other Japanese online securities firms by providing distinctive US equity trading services in collaboration with its US group company TradeStation Group, Inc. To give its clients the ideal atmosphere for investing, Monex keeps developing a wide range of complementary services.

Monex recently announced its intention to start providing US equities margin account services in order to further expand the services and satisfy the needs of numerous customers. Due to technical difficulties, Monex regrets the service’s delayed launch, but is pleased to announce that it will go live on Monday, January 23, 2023.

Investors can purchase and sell the same stock as many times as they like on the same day with US equities margin trading, allowing them to trade twice as much as their initial cash (margin deposit).

Only the PC version of the service will initially be offered for sale, but Monex intends to expand it in the future to make margin trading in American stocks more convenient. Some of these expansions include enabling trading via the “TradeStation U.S. Stock Smartphone” and adding time periods to order types.

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