MetaTrader 5 and ActTrader are integrated by ZuluTrade

The world’s premier social trading platform, ZuluTrade, has announced integration with well-known trading solutions MT5 and ActTrader in an effort to establish a comprehensive trading and investing environment for people and enterprises looking to explore the financial markets.

ZuluTrade, an established player in the social trading market, has caught the attention of the sector with its ground-breaking announcement to include two new platforms, MT5 and ActTrader. This dual integration is a component of a larger upgrade to ZuluTrade’s platform’s infrastructure, providing an opportunity for Forex and CFD brokers that support MT5 and ActTrader to broaden their product offerings and begin providing cutting-edge strategy building and investing solutions powered by ZuluTrade technology.

These new modules will enhance the current MT4 and XOH integrations by introducing a number of unique capabilities accessible to trading experts all around the world. ZuluTrade now offers more portfolio diversification and personalization across social wealth management, trading, strategy building, and copy trading without any restrictions thanks to these updates to its advanced wealth management platform.

From the institutional side, integration is simple and doesn’t call for any broker development. Due to the newly connected platforms’ rapid functionality, brokers can now choose to provide ZuluTrade and onboard clients straight away.

In addition to being adaptable and versatile, the updated ZuluTrade trading infrastructure is a go-to for solution strategy developers who can backtest and launch their trade ideas and strategies in a strong, algorithm-powered environment that enables them to test, deploy, and modify their strategies in a matter of clicks.

Also, professional traders can easily add or delete indicators or windows and customise an automated trading system to meet their objectives by using special functions like ActTrader’s visual algorithm. ZuluTrade did not allow for this earlier.

ZuluTrade’s CEO, Tajinder Virk said: “At ZuluTrade, we give traders and investors the opportunity to choose the broker and platform they prefer. In that sense, ZuluTrade is truly unique as it allows investors from different brokers, using different trading platforms to connect in a community-driven environment and exploit our platform’s capabilities to manage their portfolios effectively.The latest integration of MetaTrader 5 and ActTrader broadens the available options that traders can avail, enabling them to conveniently choose or swap between the platforms they wish to use without any limitations. Different traders look for different opportunities in different ways, and the new, all-in-one ZuluTrade platform offers that.”

ZuluTrade’s strengthened trading and social wealth management infrastructure makes it easier for both traders and investors to move large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. ZuluTrade offers a mode of operation that hasn’t been attempted previously in the CFD and FX trading arena by allowing users to select from a number of instruments, order filling techniques, and trading/investing strategies.

Tech-savvy traders will have more freedom of choice among the brokerages that make up ZuluTrade’s ecosystem, and brokers will be able to scale and adapt their offerings to meet their increasingly complex expectations.

ZuluTrade offers exposure to thousands of CFD instruments, Forex pairs, and stocks as well as ready-to-invest strategies developed by professional traders. It provides traders with all the decision-support tools, spanning an economic calendar, smart indicators, advanced charting tools, and seamless connectivity to aggregated liquidity and unpalatable market depth through its MT5 engine.

ZuluTrade opens the door for new methods of portfolio construction and management by providing traders with a wider variety of trading and investment possibilities.

For ZuluTrade, which has experienced impressive growth since being acquired by Finvasia Group in 2021, the transition from a unilateral, social wealth management system to an all-encompassing trading infrastructure is only a logical step forward.

ZuluTrade has once again shown that innovation is the secret to success by changing course under the leadership of Tajinder Virk, co-founder and CEO of Finvasia Group. The social wealth management platform outgrows the traditional “social trading” categorization by adopting a holistic approach to trading and investing, turning it into a one-stop shop for trading, investing, and strategy creation.

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