“Market Report” is now part of Saxo Bank Securities’s suite of trading tools

The multi-asset investing platform Saxo Bank’s Japanese affiliate, Saxo Bank Securities Ltd., announces the addition of “Market Report” to its suite of trading tools.

Traders must choose the “Market Report” option from the “News/Analysis” menu in the top centre of the screen in order to view this data. In the “Market Reports” area, they can view the most recent market articles. To read the content of each article, click on it.

Free access is available to the “Market Report’s” material. Saxo would appreciate it if investors could utilise these reports to make wise choices. Every article in the “Market Report” is merely meant to provide readers with information; no specific trades are being encouraged.

Recently, Saxo Bank Japan allowed its clients to employ thematic investments.

The function, which is a component of Saxo’s menu of trading tools, gives traders access to data on a variety of investing topics that may provide them with trading recommendations, as well as information on connected stocks and analyst reports.

Traders can choose the investment theme they are most interested in from the list. Each theme’s name can be clicked to bring up a list of notable stocks and a summary. You can find out more in our Saxo Bank Review.

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