Introducing commission-free trading with FXOpen

FXOpen, a leading global forex and CFD broker, recently announced the launch of commission-free trading.

More than 600 markets are available through the broker, including forex, index CFDs, equities CFDs, commodities CFDs, and cryptocurrency CFDs. Commission fees for any index trades executed on an FXOpen ECN account are no longer charged. FXOpen has made a commitment to increasing ECN liquidity in order to give traders tight spreads. The broker has recently disclosed a relationship with TradingView, providing traders with access to a social network trading platform and charting tools.

Gary Thomson, the company’s chief operating officer, said:

“FXOpen’s ongoing commitment to ensure trading is as affordable as possible, continues into the new year of 2023. We understand how important commission free trading is for our clients, so we are delighted to announce that all clients can now trade commission free on index CFDs, regardless of volume. This, coupled with our ongoing enhancements to the ECN liquidity, allows FXOpen to continue to offer our clients the best possible trading experience.”

Here are some of global index CFDs that tend to prove the most popular for FXOpen clients:

  • Wall Street 30: Tracks the performance of 30 of the biggest publicly traded firms in the United States.
  • Germany 40: Made up of the 40 largest companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • UK 100: The UK’s largest 100 firms, by market capital, as listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • US Tech 100: Measures the performance of the 100 biggest non-financial companies in the United States, with a heavy focus on the technology sector.
  • Japan 225: A price-weighted index covering 225 of Japan’s largest companies.

To give their traders the tightest spreads possible, FXOpen improved trading conditions in the middle of 2022, particularly with regard to ECN liquidity. The action has led to much tighter average spreads being provided by the broker, particularly in FX pairs, as shown below:

FXOpen was founded in 2005 with offices all around the world and brokerages governed by the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC in London, Cyprus, and Australia, respectively.

You can find out more about the broker and the range of trading products and services that they provide in our FXOpen Review.

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