Integration of TraderEvolution with FXCubic to Create Effective Trading Systems

A new integration between the supplier of a multi-market trading platform, TraderEvolution Global Limited, and FXCubic, a London-based technology provider in the forex (FX) trading sector, was completed, the two parties stated on Wednesday.

The partnership between TraderEvolution and FXCubic will enable brokers to establish effective and distinctive trading environments, according to the news statement the firm shared. Both businesses place a high value on customization and understand the significance of creating brokerage systems that are personalised to the unique demands and requirements of their clients.

“We are happy to partner with FXCubic, and enable the building of even more powerful and efficient trading system solutions for the brokerage industry. This partnership fulfills our commitment to our clients to provide them with the platform software with unparalleled connectivity to the most regarded trading, data, and technology venues in the industry to give them more and more flexibility in building their competitive advantage,” Roman Nalivayko, the CEO at TraderEvolution, commented.

TraderEvolution offers brokers, banks, and prop-trading firms multi-market trading software solutions for order administration and execution. These solutions include a backend server and a full suite of front-end trading apps with access to numerous international markets.

A leading supplier of cutting-edge low-latency solutions, high-performance liquidity management platforms, and sophisticated risk intelligence capabilities is FXCubic. In the FX market, the company’s bridge technology is renowned for enabling seamless connectivity and optimising trading procedures.

A different integration with the online multi-asset trading platform VertexFX Trader from Hybrid Solution was covered by FXCubic last month. Market makers, brokers, and business banks can use the platform’s trading plugins, back office, and white-label features.

The London-based technology provider integrated CoinAPI before the end of December 2022 to allow its client to expand their cryptocurrency service. With more than 16,000 assets and 46,100 updates every second, CoinAPI offers market data from all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges through a single API.

Refinitiv Elektron just joined FXCubic as a partner. Clients of the business are now able to offer trading in actual shares as a result of this integration. Refinitiv Elektron provides cross-asset market and pricing data, as well as 84 million instruments with 9 million price updates per second and 2.5 terabytes of real-time pricing per day.

Wassim Khateeb was appointed Chief Commercial Officer, according to an announcement made by FXCubic in October (CCO). Prior to this, he served as the organization’s Chief of Business Development, a post he assumed in February 2021. Despite the fact that he first joined the organisation in 2018 as a Senior Business Development Manager.

“We are constantly working on making our system interoperable and adding as many options as possible for our clients to choose from. FXCubic, has changed the fintech landscape over the last few years with the stability, unique features, numerous integrations, and high-performance of our bridging and aggregation solutions. Onboarding with TraderEvolution will extend our reach and empower our clients to offer more options to traders,” Katheeb commented on the recent integration with TraderEvolution.

A few months prior to the new CCO’s hire, the business announced the appointment of Richard Bartlett as Head of Sales. Bartlett has previously worked with companies like PrimeXM, Centroid Solution, and GMI Group, among others.

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