Improved Student Trading Lab by Interactive Brokers

The leader in electronic trading, Interactive Brokers, has increased the capabilities available in its Student Trading Lab.

The Student Trading Lab is a free online tool for college and high school teachers who want to combine coursework in computer science, blockchain, or finance with actual trading experiences.

New features on the list include:

  • Students can use PortfolioAnalyst to monitor and evaluate portfolios, assess performance against benchmarks using GIPS® validated returns, and comprehend risk.
  • Starting with the Student Trading Lab is made simpler by a shortened account creation process.
  • The CME now offers support for cryptocurrency futures thanks to Interactive Brokers.

Each student receives a paper trading account with a full set of trading tools and access to the IBKR Student Trading Lab, which is free to use. On US markets, in addition to trading currencies, students can trade stocks, options, futures, and bonds.

The paper trading equity that students start with is USD $1,000,000, and their account equity varies much like it would if trades were actually made in the market.

The trading platform can be utilized to improve lesson plans, while practice exercises and other resources can help students hone their trading abilities.

One of the most well-known programs of its kind, the program already has participation from more than 600 educational institutions across more than 60 nations, including some of the best schools for financial engineering.

Teachers taking part in the Student Trading Lab can use the Interactive Brokers Traders’ Academy, Traders’ Insight blog, or IBKR Quant Blog information to supplement their lessons.

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