Impact Investing is now available on Swissquote’s Themes Trading

Impact Investing has been added to the Themed Trading roster by leading Swiss online trading company Swissquote.

Swissquote’s Impact certificate is designed to advance both traders’ financial well-being and society as a whole. Investors who have a Swissquote Impact certificate make contributions to initiatives that directly benefit people and regional communities.

How does it function? The certificate receives large dividends from top-notch stocks in addition to the anticipated increase of the entire investment. These dividends are then divided in half, with 50% going towards real-world impact project financing objectives. Giving with an impact certificate helps genuine projects and creates real change.

Excluded from the portfolio are businesses that deal in questionable products like cigarettes, thermal coal, or oil, as well as those that do not adhere to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) standards.

Swissquote chooses the initiatives that will get funding in conjunction with investors. A new project is found once the chosen project’s fundraising target has been reached, continuing the positive feedback cycle.

The first initiative of Swissquote will be in collaboration with Solafrica, a non-profit organisation from Switzerland that supports solar energy in underdeveloped areas. By this initiative, a medical facility in a rural part of Burkina Faso will receive solar power.

Thematic portfolios from Swissquote, known as Themes Trading, enable investors to purchase collections of stocks rather than single securities. By choosing this thematic investment, investors are positioning their portfolio for quicker development and greater profits by looking ahead.

Themed Trading was launched by Swissquote in September 2015. The service had 30 distinct subjects available at the time, including worldwide electric, cyber security, Greek recovery, and fitness trends. The programme enables investors to locate themed investment opportunities while maintaining the highest level of openness.

Swissquote has been consistently growing its selection of trading themes. Leveraged Cash Dividends Certificate, Semiconductor Industry Portfolio, and Logistics are recent additions. You can read more in our Swissquote Review.

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