IBKR Campus’ website has been updated by Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers Group (NASDAQ:IBKR), a leader in electronic trading, today announced the introduction of its updated IBKR Campus website, which offers a comprehensive collection of free instructional materials to investors of all experience levels.

Investors can learn about trading, the financial markets, and Interactive Brokers’ trading tools by using the courses, webinars, podcasts, and market commentary available on IBKR Campus.

Investors may locate what they’re looking for with ease on the redesigned IBKR Campus. Both novice and seasoned traders will discover information useful for honing their skills and expanding their financial horizons. All investors can benefit from these resources to become better investors, from lessons and quizzes on Interactive Brokers’ trading tools to free online courses on the theories and equipment of financial trading.

The IBKR Campus also offers commentary from Interactive Brokers’ Chief Strategist Steve Sosnick and Senior Economist José Torres on topics affecting the world’s markets and economies.

Stephen Sanders, Interactive Brokers’ EVP of Marketing and Product Development, said:

“Education is at the heart of Interactive Brokers, and we firmly believe that knowledge is key to successful investing. With the user-friendly IBKR Campus site, we are empowering investors globally to stay informed about market events, improve their market understanding, and continuously develop their skills.”

Services offered by BKR Campus are free for both clients and non-clients worldwide.

Traders’ Academy: Investors can access free learning modules focusing on IBKR’s trading tools at their own pace through the Traders’ Academy. While more experienced students can benefit from options trading education, beginners can explore stock trading education.

Traders’ Insight: Investors can review articles, films, and podcasts on the market that cover recent financial market and economic events taking place all around the world. Daily insights examine market catalysts affecting asset classes and markets globally with commentary from top financial institutions and Interactive Brokers’ experts.

IBKR Quant: Articles are contributed by coders and developers in the quant field and strive to assist programmers by providing clear and actionable code-based knowledge. Popular with computational finance students as well as individuals looking to trade markets utilising computer power.

IBKR Podcasts: Investors can listen to interviews with executives and episodes with researchers from well-known financial services firms examining current issues affecting markets and trading, such as a recent podcast in which Steve Sosnick and José Torres evaluate the impact of monetary policy and recent economic data releases: Bond bulls’ black eye gives equity traders a headache.

IBKR Webinars: Weekly presentations by contributors cover a variety of market-related subjects, including options trading, commodities, ETFs, volatility, and more.

Traders Glossary: The Traders’ Glossary enables investors to look up trading and investing-related terminology and definitions, from products and order types to specific details regarding Interactive Brokers’ platforms, and it also suggests additional terms and links that may be of interest.

Student Trading Lab: This is a free online tool for teachers who want to combine coursework in computer science or finance with actual trading experiences. Using a paper trading account they are given, students can trade products across asset classes. As though the trades were being made in the actual market, the account equity varies.

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