Has Bitcoin Killed Facebook’s Libra Once and For All?


Libra is a very new form of Cryptocurrency that is owned by Facebook. Bitcoin is one of the best Cryptocurrencies in the world that has been able to establish the trust factor. For the past few years, Bitcoin is gaining momentum in the market. The price of Bitcoin is increasing over the past few years.

Bitcoin is considered by some to be the most trusted and reliable Cryptocurrency currently. Remember that Facebook’s Libra is new to the market. The risk factor is relatively high as people are not aware of it thoroughly to make their Facebook Libra investments.

Benefits of Bitcoin Over Facebook’s Libra  

There are numerous benefits associated with Bitcoin over Facebook Libra. Many of us even do not know the facts properly. Let’s get the idea from this article to understand it in a better manner.

1.Bitcoin Helps To Ensure Data Security 

The data security in the case of Bitcoin is more compared to that of Facebook’s Libra. Facebook backs Libra, and for the last few years, Facebook is involved with numerous data scandals. On the other hand, Bitcoin is operated with the help of Blockchain Technology, where the chances of data theft and data breaching is perhaps more limited, although of course not guaranteed.

Users look for a fair transaction system while using Bitcoin to make transactions from one place to another. Libra may not be able to provide traders with the high-end security that Bitcoin can provide to its users. Therefore, traders could possibly enjoy more security of their data if using Bitcoin as the main mode of transaction instead of Facebook’s Libra.

2. Bitcoin Is Not Governed by Any Banking System  

Libra is almost like a mutual fund investment that you need to undergo a banking system. In 2019 trust issues have cropped up among the investors of Libra. You have to undergo a systematic risk if you want to use Libra. On the Other hand, in the case of Bitcoin, the entire system is decentralized.

The interference of the banking system is not there. You can easily trade your Cryptocurrency as per your wish. These flexible aspects of Bitcoin make it more popular to some users over Facebook Libra. It is your money, and you need to make the right decisions regarding your investment patterns. The more accurately you compare between these two, the better investment decisions you can make from your end. You should seek independant financial advice if necessary.

3. Have Trust on Your Bitcoins Potential 

In the year 2020, we all have witnessed the record growth of the price value of Bitcoins. On the other hand, Facebook’s Libra did not have the same sort of growth. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has shown historically that it can increase (and decrease) in a short period of time. You need to have trust in whatever method of trading or investing you decide to do for yourself.

Final Words 

Bitcoin is not killing Facebook Libra; instead, it has provided a better picture of why Bitcoin is the best among all Cryptocurrencies. If you want to know more, you can go through the crypto-nation-pro.com behind boosting the secure transaction of Bitcoins globally.

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