Global Trends of Instant Withdrawal Casino on Stock Market

Anyone who plays casino games, or wagers on sports knows the old saying -” the house always wins.” This is of course true, and the gambling industry is pretty honest about it. The odds on sports matches, the RTP rate on slots, even roulette, are all designed to give the house a slight advantage or profit. However, there are several stories where players managed to beat the house, and they are referred to as gambling scandals. In all honesty, these are extraordinary individuals, so beating the house is clearly not for everyone.

Now even if you can beat the casino, you should still ask yourself if you can bet on it? The way someone could do this is by investing in stocks. After all, if the company is doing way better than its peers it may make sense to some that it will continue to grow.

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Overview of Gambling Industry

Currently, casinos are trying to recover from a loss that was caused by the pandemic. Due to social distancing measures and travel bans, the casinos in the US market saw a significant drop in revenue. They mainly had to rely on Macau, as it is one of the few regions where gambling is allowed in China. On the other hand, the operators that have a well-established online business reported a big surge in user activity. In fact, bet365 probably had the best pandemic ever, revenue-wise at least. However, this doesn’t simply mean that everyone should invest in online casinos.

First, the numbers are definitely going to decline, as the situation returns to normal. That being said, these companies did pretty well even before the pandemic, so even with the probable drop investing may still be a possible idea for some people. The thing with stocks is that they are sensitive to all sorts of developments, so it’s always better to focus on something you know, and on companies, you know.

Why Instant Withdrawal Casinos?

The online market is vast, and you can find all sorts of platforms. Even though players tend to be careful and choose licensed operators, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a good time playing there. Even a licensed operator, who technically does everything by the book can be a source of negative experience, due to their withdrawal policy.

Online gambling sites love to create player incentives that give them generous bonuses. However, those bonuses tend to have complicated wagering requirements, which is why each withdrawal is reviewed and approved by the casino. The thing with instant withdrawal casino platforms that offer fast payment methods is that there are rarely such complications. These tend to be well-established sites with automated payment processing, and they are highly trusted by the player base. This means that scandals are less likely to occur, making this a more stable investment.

It’s important to note that instant withdrawal mainly indicates there are payment methods that allow a fast transfer. Casinos still have to approve payments that are subject to wagering requirements. It’s just that bigger institutions tend to do this within 24 hours, while smaller ones can put a payment on hold for days.

Using Casino Sites to Find Good Investment Opportunity

When we talk about investments related to the iGaming industry, we must also address the companies in charge of the product. You see most of the casino websites are actually multi-vendor gaming platforms, and they host the games developed by other companies. If you look at casino sites with great welcome offers, they typically display these gaming companies on their site, given how that’s one of the main reasons players flock to their platform. If there is one thing instant withdrawal casinos have in common it is these game developers.

The famous gaming companies are NetEnt, Microgaming, and IGT (International Game Technology). IGT is actually among a potential company some may look to invest in, as it is one of the leaders when it comes to the production of slots and gambling tech in general. They have offices in Las Vegas, Rome, Rhode Island, and an HQ is in London. As more and more governments are lifting the restrictions on online gambling, we could maybe see further growth from IGT and similar companies. They generated over 1 billion in revenue during Q1 of 2021, and have 37 hedge fund holders.

Leading Companies in Gambling Industry

Now, let’s see who are some of the best performing gambling companies that people may want to look out for if they are looking to invest in instant withdrawal casinos.

DraftKings Inc.

DraftKings is an online casino and sports betting platform and one of the first legal operators in New Jersey. They did have a dispute with the state of Nevada a few years back due to licensing issues, but that doesn’t seem to hold them back. They had massive revenue growth in Q1 of 2021, and are still among the most popular operators in the US.

MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts owns a lot of property and BetMGM gambling platforms. They are among the top-performing companies in the US, and they have been around since 1986. Their HQ is in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Sands

This is one of the leading developers and operators when it comes to the integrated gaming resorts in both the U.S. and Asia. In July 2021 they also announced they are planning to go digital, meaning that a new contender will enter the online casino market. As a company that performs well, its value may rise once they become available online.


As you can see these are all solid options if someone is looking to invest in online casinos with instant withdrawals. Of course, you should take a deep dive into the company’s history and some recent news before you decide on whether you wish to buy stocks. Everyone is different with a different circumstance. The reason why these are among the more popular trends is that they are acting on both fronts. Also, game development companies are the bread and butter of any gambling site. So, as long as there are new platforms entering the market they should continue to be in business.

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