FundedNext Review

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FundedNext stands out as a leading trading firm, dedicated to empowering traders worldwide with cutting-edge strategies, innovative technologies, and exceptional support. With a mission to revolutionize the trading experience and change the lives of 50 million traders globally, FundedNext offers unique opportunities and resources for traders to excel in the financial market.


FundedNext is committed to providing unparalleled opportunities and resources for traders, with a vision to set the highest benchmarks in value creation for customers, people, and stakeholders. Through a range of challenges, competitive prizes, and innovative features, FundedNext aims to foster a culture of growth, innovation, and excellence in the trading world.

FundedNext Review

FundedNext Review

About FundedNext

FundedNext is a leading trading firm comprised of industry veterans, financial experts, and technology enthusiasts. With a global presence, FundedNext has garnered recognition for its commitment to excellence and dedication to empowering traders. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, FundedNext continues to shape the future of trading.


FundedNext offers a diverse range of challenge types, each designed to cater to different trading styles and preferences. These challenges provide traders with a structured framework to showcase their skills, achieve specific profit targets, and ultimately earn profit-sharing opportunities within the FundedNext community. Let’s delve into each challenge type to understand its unique features and benefits.

Challenge Type: Stellar

The Stellar challenge presents a simplified approach compared to other challenge types, focusing on achieving a specific profit target without the constraint of a time limit. Upon reaching the target, traders transition to a FundedNext Account with an initial profit share of 80%.

Similar to the Evaluation challenge, traders can enhance their profit share to 90% through FundedNext’s scale-up program, with the option to boost it to 95% from the outset by selecting the exclusive add-on feature. With lower profit targets and minimal trading requirements to progress to the next phase, the Stellar challenge offers a straightforward yet rewarding path for traders to achieve substantial profit splits within the FundedNext community.

Challenge Type: Evaluation

The Evaluation challenge is structured to assess and validate traders’ abilities through two phases with realistic profit targets. Traders who successfully achieve these targets will gain access to trading on a FundedNext Account with an initial profit split of 80%. Moreover, participants have the opportunity to increase their profit share to 90% through FundedNext’s scale-up program, with the option to boost it further to an impressive 95% by selecting the exclusive add-on feature.

The challenge encourages traders to demonstrate their trading prowess within a timeframe of 5 days to expedite progression to the next phase. Furthermore, exceptional performance may enable participants to extend their profit share to 90%, highlighting FundedNext’s commitment to rewarding trader excellence.

Challenge Type: Express

The Express challenge is tailored for traders aiming to achieve ambitious profit targets without the constraint of a time limit. Upon reaching the designated target, traders commence trading on a FundedNext Account with a profit split of 60%. However, traders have the opportunity to increase their profit share up to 90% based on their performance.

Additionally, traders can opt for the exclusive add-on feature to instantly boost their profit split to an impressive 95% from the outset. Notably, participants can enjoy up to a 90% profit split with the FundedNext account upon achieving a 25% account growth, even within a span of 10 trading days. This challenge type offers flexibility and scalability, empowering traders to maximize their earning potential while trading at their own pace.

Guaranteed Payouts

FundedNext stands by its commitment to trader satisfaction and financial security with its Guaranteed Payouts policy. With the assurance of receiving payouts within 24 hours of request, traders can trade with confidence, knowing that their earnings are swiftly and efficiently disbursed.

Moreover, FundedNext goes the extra mile by offering an additional $1000 payout if ever missing the 24-hour mark, underscoring its dedication to honoring trader achievements promptly and reliably. This policy reinforces FundedNext’s position as a trusted partner for traders seeking transparency, reliability, and support in their trading journey.

FundedNext’s challenges provide traders with the opportunity to prove their trading ability and earn profit-sharing opportunities. With no time limits on challenge phases and balance-based drawdown calculations, traders can trade with peace of mind and focus on achieving their goals. The firm also offers competitive pricing and scaling options to support traders’ growth and success.

FundedNext Challenges

FundedNext Challenges


FundedNext imposes trading restrictions and limits to ensure a fair and secure trading environment. Participants must adhere to rules regarding drawdown, daily loss limits, and minimum trading requirements. While news trading is allowed, certain activities such as the use of EAs are prohibited. FundedNext provides transparent commission structures and swap-free accounts to enhance the trading experience.

FundedNext imposes restrictions on maximum lot sizes and the number of trading positions to maintain risk management standards. Leverage is available for Forex and commodities trading, with specific limits to prevent excessive risk-taking. Traders must comply with account and IP restrictions to ensure fair competition and prevent rule violations.


FundedNext offers a range of features and benefits to enhance the trading experience for its members. From fast payouts and expert technical support to monthly competitions and the use of advanced trading platforms, FundedNext prioritizes trader satisfaction and success. With access to top-tier liquidity providers and sustainable trading conditions, FundedNext sets itself apart as a trusted partner for traders worldwide.


FundedNext provides access to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms through its entities, FundedNext and GrowthNext. While FundedNext holds a broker license, GrowthNext serves as a trading technology provider. Through strategic partnerships with top-tier liquidity providers, FundedNext ensures a reliable and secure trading environment for its members.


FundedNext offers traders access to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, renowned for their reliability, security, and advanced trading features. With MQ licenses and in-house technology, FundedNext provides traders with a seamless trading experience and access to expert advisors and trading tools to maximize their potential.


FundedNext offers a diverse range of trading instruments, including currency pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Traders can explore various markets and diversify their portfolios to capitalize on opportunities in the financial market. With competitive spreads and favorable trading conditions, FundedNext empowers traders to achieve their goals and succeed in their trading endeavors.


In conclusion, FundedNext emerges as a leading prop firm dedicated to empowering traders with innovative solutions, competitive challenges, and exceptional support. With a commitment to excellence and a vision to revolutionize the trading experience, FundedNext sets itself apart as a trusted partner for traders worldwide.

Through transparent pricing, sustainable trading conditions, and a range of features, FundedNext offers unparalleled opportunities for traders to excel and achieve their financial goals.


What Capital can I get as a FundedNext Trader?

FundedNext provides a range of starting balance options for all challenges, including $6,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000. However, for the Express Non-Consistency Challenge, the available starting balances are $6,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000.

Does FundedNext offer a Scale-Up plan?

FundedNext provides a Scale-Up plan for traders who consistently demonstrate success and follow the trading rules. The Scale-Up plan presents traders with an opportunity to expand their trading activity by potentially receiving a capital allocation of up to $4 million.

Am I allowed to Merge my accounts in FundedNext?

Yes, you have the option to merge your accounts, up to $300,000 of your FundedNext account, subject to certain conditions.

How does the add-on feature work with the FundedNext new Challenge purchase?

The add-on feature in FundedNext’s new Challenge purchase is an optional enhancement that traders can choose to apply to their trading plan. This feature is designed to provide greater flexibility and potential benefits to traders.

Will I get any Certificate?

FundedNext deeply appreciates your trading skills and talents. As a token of recognition for your achievements, you will be awarded certificates from FundedNext. There are 5 types of certificates available: Elite Trader Certificate, Crown Trader Certificate, Payout Certificate, Lifetime Certificate, and Max Allocation Certificate.

What is the Commission of the trading account?

At FundedNext, some of the best commission rates in the prop trading industry are offered. Traders can benefit from our competitive rates, maximizing profitability while enjoying transparent and fair trading costs. The commission include $3/lot for forex, $3/lot for commodities, $0/lot for indices and $0/lot for crypto.

What Is The Copy Trading Rule at FundedNext?

FundedNext allows traders to engage in copy trading from another FundedNext account, prop firm, or retail broker, provided that the accounts are owned by the same individual. This means that you can copy trades from any account(s) that you own. However, copy trading between multiple accounts not owned by the same individual, including those of relatives, family members, or friends, is strictly prohibited.

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