Exness reports a 5.4 percent increase in trading volume in December

Exness, a retail broker, defied market trends by announcing that trading volumes rose in December. Trading volume hit $2.525 trillion, up 5.4 percent from the previous month, according to Exness Performance data.

Due to the effects of the holiday, trade volume fell in December in practically all markets. Both institutional trading venues and retail brokers reported little trading activity in December. The multi-asset company, which climbed to $2.525 trillion, contrasted this tendency. The results, which came in at $2.811 trillion and $2.747 trillion respectively, weren’t as notable as those in August and September, but they were still considered the best.

After three months of declining, there was a rise in December. It establishes a new milestone for Exness, which in 10 straight months increased its trading volume to above 2 trillion.

Exness also reported that its trading volume performance has nearly increased from 1.27 trillion in 2021 after the 2022 report’s conclusion. This is also consistent with Exness’ entry into Africa following the acquisition of licences in Kenya and South Africa.

The number of active clients for December decreased by almost 2.3 percent to 374,978 despite the rise in Exness’ overall trading volume, but it was still the second-best month after November. Additionally, the performance of customer withdrawals fell by almost 3% to $1.134 billion during the quarter of October through December.

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