Dukascopy expands its CFD instruments to include 28 Mexican stocks

Dukascopy, Switzerland’s forex broker and bank, has recently expanded its stock CFDs offering to include 28 stocks from Mexico, South Africa Index (SOA.IDX/ZAR), and Volatiltity Index/USD (VOL.IDX/USD).

In a blog on its website, Dukascopy noted that the new offering was the result of a pent up interest in the trading of contracts-for-differences (CFD). The broker now has 1160 ETfs and stocks. Many brokers are now diversifying into multi-asset trading. This includes expanding their CFDs portfolio.

Further, the broker stated that the new release was primarily designed to meet the trading needs of existing clients. Both new traders and those who have been trading for a while expressed the desire to trade with a single-margin, multi-asset account.

Dukascopy’s decision to expand its CFD offering should bring immediate benefits, particularly given clients’ affinity for the instrument and the maturation in the CFD market.

The Swiss forex broker and bank has made significant investments in diversifying its product range over the past six years. Dukascopy, in addition to its core business of trading, has also developed custody, exchange and issuance infrastructures for cryptocurrency.

Dukascopy is working to strengthen its cryptocurrency offering. Clients can now deposit and withdraw money in digital coins. There are also free internal crypto-transfers between mobile banking users. It was the first bank to regulate its own cryptocurrency, Dukascoin, in 2020.

Dukascopy customers have recently gained access to ten additional crypto instruments, many of which are within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) realm. The FX broker also has dramatically improved its overnight rates.

Dukascopy Group’s bank and securities houses are regulated in Japan, Latvia and Switzerland. Multi-products include FX, bullion and binary options, as well as desktop and mobile trading platforms. The group also offers a variety of financial services, including CFD, bullion, and other financial services. These include current accounts, guarantees and classical banking payments. You can also make instant payments through your smartphone using payment cards.

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