Cutting-Edge iManager Brokerage Management Software Is Released by iTech Software

Leading fintech software company, iTech Software, has introduced iManager as part of its commitment to offering the most up-to-date technological solutions for brokers everywhere. The newest addition to its array of technological options is a reflection of the company’s ongoing efforts to propel technological advancement and deliver the most potent tools to facilitate broker growth and business operations.

Innovative Features for Decision Making

With a goal of assisting brokers in starting and growing their businesses, iTech Software pays close attention to the problems and requirements of its target market.

The company created a suite of cutting-edge technology tools to cover every stage and facet of running a brokerage firm as a result of this market insight. iManager was created in response to the growing demand among brokers for reliable technology that would enable them to expand their platform to support several brands in various regions.

Brokers will be able to easily track operations and performance across brands and regions with the help of iManager. Instead of needing to access each company from a different dashboard or system, a single back-office log-in will give access to all brands under a brokerage from a single location.

Along with a variety of tracking features and filters, the platform also provides brokers with sophisticated marketing analyses and financial reporting.

Brokers will be equipped to make data-driven strategic decisions to move their business in the right path thanks to the numerous features and functionalities of iManager.

The software’s Maps section, which enables brokers to track deposits and overall performance across regions and nations for numerous brands at once, is one of its most useful features. This might assist them in making well-informed choices about their roadmap for business expansion and marketing expenditures.

A single report containing all the statistics may also be exported by brokers using the reporting system, which facilitates in-depth study. It is simple to compare campaign performance using sophisticated data, graphs, and different date filters.

The ability to keep track of affiliate activities across several brands owned by the same brokerage is another essential feature of iManager. Partner programs are becoming an essential tool for brokers to get exposure and grow internationally with local assistance.

Strategic decisions regarding resource allocation, support, and marketing can be made to maximize business growth with the capacity to track affiliate activity for every brand under the broker’s umbrella across various durations.

The iManager dashboard also allows brokers keep an eye on lead generation, sales activity and trader retention statistics across nations and brands.

Client Focused Approach

iTech Software is dedicated to providing brokers with the most effective, rapid, and affordable means of starting and growing their businesses. To help with this, the company has created platforms and tools for forex, CFD, cryptocurrency, and NFT brokerages that are future-ready in terms of technology.

The technological offerings are regularly improved to present the most advanced solutions. For instance, iTech Software has created its own exclusive Web Trader and Back Office software, enabling brokers to provide their traders with the best-in-industry user experiences.

A complete set of business tools, the company’s brokerage package includes live help, monitoring, and risk management in addition to simple integrations. With the use of these tools and a platform that adapts to their demands, brokers are equipped to grow their businesses into new markets and regions.

One or more of their technology toolkit’s essential components include:

  • Modern trading platform
  • Simple integrations with affiliate networks, exchangers, and payment service providers
  • Analysis and reduction of risks
  • Management of customer relationships
  • Designing and hosting a website
  • Full-service business consulting

The modern trader is technologically sophisticated and demands nothing less than the best trading experiences, and iTech Software is aware of this. To provide a full-stack solution for brokers, the company focuses on staying one step ahead of the pace of technological advancement.

iTech Software

iTech Software is a technological company well-known among brokers and industry titans worldwide for its B2B solutions. From creating and maintaining iTech’s own Web Trader and Back Office to taking care of all live Support, Monitoring & Risk Assessment and Management needs of brokers, the full-service one-stop shop for brokers is powered fully in-house.

To aid in corporate growth, the company gathers all beneficial linkages and integrations. Their team of sector specialists works closely with brokerages in the interim, guiding them through every stage of their business development and ensuring long-term success.

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