CedarFX Drums Up Curiosity with New Eco Account

CedarFX Review: Eco-Friendly Broker

As the world’s first eco broker, CedarFX is very passionate about the environment and believes everyone has the power to make a meaningful impact. That’s why the online trader has partnered up with the environmental organization Ecologi, to help fund their tree planting initiatives through its Eco Account. It is no secret that reforestation is the number one solution to combat climate change. Trees are not only capable of absorbing the excess carbon dioxide in the air but also house important ecosystems.

CedarFX’s Eco Account

Introducing CedarFX’s new Eco Account providing traders with a fast and efficient way to tackle climate change. Eco Account users will be subject to a $1 commission fee, enough to plant 5 trees, which will be matched by CedarFX at the end of each month. The money gathered will be sent to Ecologi to help fund projects such as mangrove planting in Madagascar, reforesting in Changalne, Mozambique, and planting responsibly in Bosawas, Nicaragua. Through this initiative, CedarFX has also helped Ecologi with its Gold Standard certified Carbon Reduction projects, successfully offsetting 1.83 tonnes of C02 to date.

0% Commission Account

CedarFX also gained acclaim for its 0% Commission Account, carving out the perfect environment for young traders to flourish. Without commissions taking a chunk out of their deposit, traders can make use of their entire amount, widening their options and enabling them to diversify their portfolios. Moreover, CedarFX does not impose any trading restrictions on zero commission trades, so the sky’s the limit!

Other Benefits

Both account types can enjoy CedarFX’s super-low spreads and ultra-fast withdrawals. Moreover, with the forex broker’s 1:500 leverage costs on all tradable assets such as Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities are reduced enabling clients to adopt a scalping strategy. CedarFX also offers clients 24-hour support through live chat, email, or by requesting a callback, helping to manage clients’ accounts, and offering guidance on how to set up MT4 for Forex and CFD traders. Help is also available on the weekends to be able to cater to crypto enthusiasts.

Let your trades flourish with CedarFX. Benefit from 0% commission, ultra-low spreads, and free transactions by signing up today.

CedarFX - You Trade We Plant Trees!

CedarFX – You Trade We Plant Trees!

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