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What Are Forex Demo Trading Accounts?

Our guides here at Trading Brokers have covered a variety of forex topics, including how to trade crypto and forex and the best crypto brokers. We have spent many years analysing and research everything from brokers, platforms to trading strategies. Hopefully, you have found something useful along the way, including what we will cover in this […]

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4 Tips And Advice For Novice Day Traders

4 Tips For Novice Day Traders

Most of the population is looking for ways to attain financial freedom and earn more income. Investing is one of the solutions to this need. Many avenues exist to help with your investment, one of them being trading. In basic terms, trading is the buying and selling of goods and services. However, in this context, […]

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What Does A Swap-Free Forex Account Mean?

The Swap-free account is designed for traders who use trading systems that don’t allow them to get swaps due to their religious views, or for customers who aren’t allowed to receive swaps. It controls Islamic accounts, the other sort of account with the same name. Swap-free accounts have the same additional trading requirements as Standard […]

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South Africa’s FSCA to authorize Halal Fintech Wahed

Wahed, a New York-based halal financial services firm, announced Friday that it was granted a license by South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority. The license is going to enable the company to open business operations in the country. Wahed’s financial services target investors from different Muslim communities. It is currently present in the United States […]

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Understanding Forex Risk Management

If not the most, one of the most essential issues when it comes to trading is risk management. In order to try and minimize potential losses, traders can look at way to also try and maximize their potential profits. Failing risk management is one of the main reasons why many Forex traders fail. To become […]

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