Ways To Trade or Invest in Gold Investments

Gold is a precious metal usually used to make jewelry. But did you know that you can hold it in many forms, from coins to bullion too? In fact, the gold industry has stood the test of time as a high-value product dating back thousands of years ago. Experts regard gold as a favorable investment […]

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5 Ways GDPR Affects Brokers

Data brokers are valuable to most establishments, but how do they affect you? Data or Information brokers provide value to many businesses. They provide information that serves several purposes. It helps companies to streamline their data collection process and improve their marketing strategies. Ever thought of how companies connect with their potential clients? These brokers […]

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The Importance Of Backtesting Strategies For Trading

We tend to learn from the past, implement those lessons in the present, and modify them for the future. Backtesting is all about this pattern with a little twist in it. With the backtesting strategy you actually ‘predict’ how some trading strategy would perform in the past. The strategy can be implemented manually or automatically. […]

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What is KYC and Why do Brokers Implement it?

What is KYC

Financial institutions are particularly susceptible to unlawful criminal activity in a globalizing economy. Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements protect financial institutions from fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist funding. KYC requires many procedures to Establish client identification Comprehend the nature of the customer’s actions and ensure that the source of funding is authorized Evaluation of […]

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How MetaTrader 5 Is Changing The Game For Forex

MetaTrader 5

The development of MetaTrader 5 is in response to the growing demands of traders and additional asset classes entering the forex market. The trading platform aims to provide more options such as cryptocurrency for traders looking to leverage opportunities on the trading floor. It’s part of the technological advancements penetrating the financial markets that promise […]

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How Do Bitcoin IRAs Work

Bitcoin IRA

If you’ve been around the digital currency market, there’s a lot of information about Bitcoin—the world’s first digital currency—that you must process. After all, this cryptocurrency enjoys the lion’s market share due to the opportunities it offers traders and investors. Bitcoin IRA, as its name implies, allows you to hold Bitcoin as part of your […]

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How Recent Grads Can Start Investing

It’s easy to think of investing as something only wealthy people can do, it does not need to be like that. Even right out of college, you may want to consider using investing as a tool to secure your future financially. There are several low-impact ways you can get started. Put Aside a Little Each […]

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