A Cyprus Dog Shelter Receives Aid from XM’s Helping Hand

The XM broker, well renowned for its commitment to providing top-notch services in currency trading, CFDs, equities indices, precious metals, and energy, contributed money to buy puppy chow at the Sirius Dog Sanctuary in Cyprus. The volunteers from the company got to spend the day at the shelter having fun with the dogs and helping to feed and walk them.

The Sirius Dog Sanctuary is home to more than 170 stray canines. It is run by volunteers without aid from the government and only accepts donations for legitimate necessities. Due to the high cost of feeding and caring for so many dogs, including puppies and those with special needs, food cautions are routinely posted on the sanctuary’s social media sites.

The need to support animal shelters and animal rescue groups is a never-ending battle. In Cyprus, abandoned dogs and kittens find new homes every day in shelters. Stray animals’ health and wellbeing are at danger, and many of them need expensive medical care or specialized care.

XM has supported Sirius Dog Sanctuary for a long time. As an advocate for animal shelters, XM has a duty to look after the pets in foster care and do everything in their power to keep as many animals as possible off the streets and safe.

This is a heartfelt appeal to all animal lovers to take on the role of their furry children or parents from a distance. These cats and dogs are clearly delighted to welcome their caregivers and new parents, as is obvious.

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