4 Vs 5 Digit Forex Brokers

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In the vast and ever-evolving Forex market, the choice of a broker can significantly impact your trading experience. One aspect that often comes into play is the number of decimal places used to display currency prices. Some brokers utilize four decimal places, while others opt for five. But what exactly are the differences between these 4 and 5-digit brokers? In this article, we will explore the contrasting characteristics of these brokers and examine how their pricing precision can influence your trading strategies. Join us as we dissect the world of 4 and 5-digit brokers, enabling you to make informed decisions and find the right fit for your trading aspirations.

What are 4 Digit Forex Brokers?

Four-digit Forex brokers are brokerage firms that provide trading platforms where currency prices are displayed with four decimal places. In the Forex market, currency pairs are typically quoted with five decimal places, including a fractional pip or “pipette.” However, some brokers still use four-digit pricing, which rounds the currency prices to the nearest pip.

The use of four-digit Forex brokers was more prevalent in the earlier years of online Forex trading. It was a simpler way of presenting price movements to traders. For example, instead of quoting the EUR/USD currency pair as 1.23456, a four-digit broker would display it as 1.2345. This rounding simplifies the price display, making it easier for traders to interpret the changes in the value of a currency pair.

4 Digit Forex Brokers Pros

  • Simplified price display.
  • Easier interpretation of price movements.
  • Reduced complexity for novice traders.
  • Potentially smoother execution of trades.
  • Less emphasis on minor price fluctuations.

4 Digit Forex Brokers Cons

  • Less precise pricing.
  • Limited accuracy for certain trading strategies.
  • Potential for missed trading opportunities due to rounding.
  • Incompatibility with certain advanced trading techniques.
  • Less alignment with prevailing market practices.

What are 5 Digit Forex Brokers

Five-digit brokers are brokerage firms that provide trading platforms where currency prices are displayed with five decimal places. In the Forex market, currency pairs are typically quoted with five-digit pricing, which includes a fractional pip or “pipette” to provide more precise price representation.

The use of five-digit pricing allows for greater granularity in price quotes, offering traders more accurate and detailed information about the currency pairs they are trading. Instead of rounding the prices to the nearest pip, five-digit brokers display prices with an additional decimal place, allowing for smaller price increments and more precise analysis of price movements.

This increased precision can be particularly advantageous for traders who employ certain strategies that rely on small price movements or require a high level of accuracy in their trading decisions. It can also benefit those who engage in scalping or day trading, where quick and precise executions are essential.

5 Digit Forex Brokers Pros

  • Increased precision in price quotes.
  • Greater granularity in analyzing price movements.
  • Accurate representation of smaller price increments.
  • Well-suited for strategies relying on small price differentials.
  • Enhanced execution quality for scalping or day trading.

5 Digit Forex Brokers Cons

  • Potential for overwhelming price information for novice traders.
  • Requires careful understanding and interpretation of pipettes.
  • Possibility of increased slippage during volatile market conditions.
  • Some trading platforms may have wider spreads due to more decimal places.
  • Advanced trading techniques reliant on specific pip calculations may be affected.

Comparing 4-Digit and 5-Digit Forex Brokers: Which is Right for You?

  1. Pricing Precision:

Four-digit brokers round currency prices to the nearest pip, simplifying the price representation. This rounding means that price quotes are displayed with four decimal places, making it easier for traders to interpret price movements. However, this format provides less precision in terms of pricing accuracy. On the other hand, five-digit brokers display prices with an additional decimal place, known as a “pipette.” This increased precision allows for finer price increments and more accurate analysis of price movements. Traders who engage in strategies that rely on small price differentials or require precise entry and exit points often prefer the additional granularity provided by five-digit pricing.

  1. Trading Strategies:

The rounded pricing of 4-digit brokers may be suitable for trading strategies that are less reliant on small price differentials. Traders who focus on longer-term positions, swing trading, or strategies that capitalize on broader market trends might find this format adequate for their trading style. Conversely, the added digit in price quotes of 5-digit brokers offers an advantage for strategies that require precision in capturing small price fluctuations. Traders who employ scalping or other short-term trading techniques benefit from the ability to analyze and capitalize on minute price movements with the increased accuracy provided by five-digit pricing.

  1. Market Norms:

While less common in the current market, some 4-digit brokers may still be available, particularly in specific regions or with older trading platforms. However, they may not align with prevailing market practices and industry standards, as the industry has largely transitioned to five-digit pricing. Five-digit brokers have become the industry standard in Forex trading. The majority of forex brokers and trading platforms utilize this pricing format, ensuring consistency and compatibility across various market participants. Opting for a 5-digit broker ensures alignment with current market norms.

  1. Trading Experience:

The simplified price display of 4-digit brokers can be more beginner-friendly, reducing complexity for novice traders. The rounded pricing makes it easier for newcomers to understand and interpret price movements without the need to consider fractional pipettes. On the other hand, traders with experience may appreciate the increased precision offered by 5-digit brokers. The additional digit provides more detailed price information, facilitating advanced analysis and execution strategies. Seasoned traders who rely on precise entry and exit points or employ sophisticated trading techniques can benefit from the enhanced accuracy and granularity of five-digit pricing.

4-Digit Brokers OR 5-Digit Brokers?

When it comes to selecting between 4-digit and 5-digit Forex brokers, making the right choice can be challenging. Here’s a concise breakdown to help you decide. If you prefer a simpler approach, 4-digit brokers round prices to the nearest pip, while 5-digit brokers offer increased accuracy with an additional decimal place. Consider your trading strategy: if you rely on small price differentials and precise timing, 5-digit pricing might be preferable. However, if you prioritize a more straightforward approach and focus on broader market trends, 4-digit brokers could be a suitable option. Additionally, take into account prevailing market norms, as the industry has predominantly shifted towards 5-digit pricing. Lastly, factor in your trading experience: if you’re new to trading, 4-digit brokers may be more beginner-friendly, while experienced traders may appreciate the precision provided by 5-digit brokers. Strive to find the right balance between accuracy and simplicity based on your specific trading needs and preferences.


In summary, the choice between 4-digit and 5-digit Forex brokers boils down to personal preference and trading requirements. 4-digit brokers offer simplicity and can be beginner-friendly, while 5-digit brokers provide greater pricing accuracy and granularity. Consider your trading strategy, market norms, and experience level when making a decision. Aligning with prevailing industry standards is crucial. Ultimately, choose the pricing format that best suits your individual trading style and goals for optimal trading success.

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